Mobile Game: Sea Battle

My favorite mobile game is Sea Battle. It’s put out by Byril and is a remake of my favorite board game Battleship. I’m not sure if this is available on iOS but it is for Android phones and tablets.

Sea Battle game screenshot

My board is the one on the right. The computer AI is on the left.


There are several types of games you can play but I always play against the computer save for one two-player game I played with my husband. He wasn’t too enthused with the game because you can butt the ships up next to each other. They have to have a row of empty spaces around each ship. There’s an online multi-player option but I’ve never tried that as usually I’m just wanting a quick game here and there.


Sea Battle mode select

I did try and advanced game once but, whoo! The AI in Advanced Mode has artillery that can wipe an entire line of spaces out in a single shot. I believe you can buy the same artillery in a cash shop but not knowing this before hand, I lost in a miserable fashion! Classic mode for me, please!


Sea Battle arrange ships screen

What I really like about the Byril games I’ve played so far is that the graphics are simple, clear and to the point. The games look like they were doodled in ink pen. Not sure why that appeals to me but it really does! The game mechanics are simple and very easy to pick up. Here you just move your ships to the board wherever you want (can place them horizontally and/or vertically), click “Next” and you’re ready to play. It is ad-supported but although I do notice the ads every game, they aren’t intrusive. That’s a HUGE plus. Occasionally you’ll see a full screen ad but only once you’ve finished your game, after the game stats screen (below screenshot).


Sea Battle game stats screen

The game counter can’t add correctly but, as you can see, I’ve won quite a few games against the AI. Never gets old for me, I adore games like this! Now, if I could find a Clue game for my phone I’d be all set!


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