LotRO: The itch that won’t go away

I uninstalled LotRO about a month back. I haven’t played since early May, the very day I bought Helms Deep with Turbine points. I was running one of the original skirmishes when I hit a wall. A wall of “OMG, I’ve done this SOOOOOOO many times, I just can’t anymore”. So I logged out and assumed I needed a break. Thing was, I still really wanted to play. I wanted to play my Captain, Condi, who I hadn’t played since seeing the beta for HD. Over the next couple of months I stewed on this itch to play knowing I couldn’t play her anymore. I thought about uninstalling but wanted to wait until I was sure.

Now the itch is super strong again, has been for a couple of weeks. Here’s why (in captioned pictures).

LotRO epic quests

I not only miss the Epic quests, I want to see all the new story I haven’t experienced yet.

LotRO beautiful scenery

The artwork out in the world is gorgeous and I miss riding through it!

LotRO attention to details

I miss stumbling on the little bits of detail here and there.

LotRO Community

I really miss seeing the community, people out and about enjoying the game or gathered for events.

LotRO Carn Dum

I miss playing through Carn Dum, my favorite dungeon in all of LotRO!

LotRO Mirkwood

I miss Mirkwood, an area I’ve always enjoyed questing through.

LotRO Weathertop

I miss seeing these epic sights, such as Weathertop, that are steeped with so very much lore and history!

LotRO death by misadventure

I even miss dying from misadventure. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the top number of folks who’ve seen that line in their chat box.


Mostly, I miss The Shire. Seeing screenshots, movie shots, or even hearing music I’ve associated with The Shire calls to me as if it’s calling me “home”. If possible we’d move to a real life Hobbit village (as long as it had high speed internet access) with like minded people and gorgeous views. Every house would look like a Hobbit hole, we’d have a swimming hole and a party tree for occasional gatherings and neighborhood parties. My Hobbit hole home would have a game room, a spare room for visiting kids, a huge pantry and kitchen and views of snow capped mountains. Oh, wait, sorry. Ran off on a tangent there.

Anyway, The Shire is scratching that LotRO itch, hard. I’m considering downloading and reinstalling even and starting over, just to satisfy that itch. I really thought I was okay with being ‘done’ with LotRO when I uninstalled ….

LotRO The Shire

The Shire calls to me, calls me to come home.


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  1. Let me know if you find a real life hobbit village. I’ll move in as well. 🙂

    Unless they don’t have internet, in which case I will be torn.

  2. You’re not done until LOTRO says you’re done!

  3. I love this blog post an share so many sentiments regarding LOTRO. One thing I miss is the community, not because I don’t play, due to kins resolving and the server I play on seems to troll filled.

  4. “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave” 😉

  5. I feel the same, havent played for a year and a half but that icon keeps looking at me.

    I just can’t get myself to cap and the bb system were just glorified skirmishes, and tbh im too spoiled with the other type of systems in mmos like no quests in gw2, or deeds and stuff from other games.

    But the Tolkien lore and world beat everything 🙂

    • I haven’t tried a BB outside of the beta. I’d bought HD with points so I could run something other than skirmishes but didn’t try one. Haven’t heard from anyone who enjoys them.

      And yes, Tolkien’s world, that’s the draw!

  6. 😦 I feel your pain, my fellow captain. Went into HD Beta a couple times. Discovered my captain was gone forever. Think I logged back into the game one time, did some turnins in the Moors, and realized I had no desire to play any longer. But I miss Middle Earth still, including the areas you mentioned in particular.

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