Sims 3: The doll is ALIVE!

Sims 3 Leroy talking through Loco, his doll, to his little sister Lark

I talked about the dolls two of my sim kids were gifted when they were born in my last post. These dolls are like best friends to those kids and after a couple of hectic days of learning new schedules (Lark, the youngest, started school) and a teenage mood-swing, both Leroy and Lark hadn’t had time to play with their dolls. A message popped up saying something to the effect of the dolls being lonely and that I should get the dolls out of their respective packs and let them (the dolls) look around. Or something like that. I wish now that I’d paid better attention to the pop-up message. While the kids were asleep in their beds I opened their back packs and put their dolls on the floor of their bedrooms thinking the pop-up had been a reminder to me that the dolls were there. Out on the floor in their rooms would keep them in my sight and I’d remember to have them play a bit each day. Problem solved.

The Spring Festival was in full swing and Lisa, the kids aunt, was overly stressed (it’s hard working 3 hours a day at the spa, ‘Snark). She decided to have a bit of fun at the festival and had her face painted to look like a clown. When her face painting was done funky music started playing so I zoomed over to Lisa to see what was going on. She was shaking her leg, having just peed herself, right there on the sidewalk at the festival. This sim has class oozing from her pores, no? The funky music still played on so I sent her home to shower and get rid of her clown face. The music was getting on my nerves.

When Lisa arrived home to music grew louder. I didn’t remember hearing music when previous sims had had their faces painted but since both Seasons and Generations are still new to me I assumed it was a ‘new’ thing. Irritating thing, but new. Lisa jumped out of the shower, threw a little fit and jumped back in to wash the prank dye off. Leroy never misses a chance to prank a toilet, shower, sink, couch … he even set 50,000 frogs loose in the Principal’s office at school! Aunt Lisa is usually the victim of his pranks and, I believe, this is why she hates him so. Their relationship bar is halfway across on the left and all red. I was about to send Lisa to bed when I noticed this walking out of Lark’s room.

Sims 3 doll is alive!


That’s her doll, Patterns, up and walking around like a shaky robot! Even Lark was a bit taken aback by the sight of Patterns up and about.

Sims 3 Lark sees her doll walking

One of Lark’s randomly decided traits is no sense of humor. That limits her interactions with Patterns when Patterns is “real”. Lark has, however, gained the ability to tell others about her imaginary friend (Patterns). So far no one seems impressed but they really should be. Patterns will clean the house for Lark (though, it’s a hit and miss kind of job) and get Lark a snack if she asks. Leroy’s doll never did this! I’ve never seen this in any of my Sims games. It’s cute but … that music! I put the dolls back in their back packs after a couple of days and the music is STILL PLAYING! Arg.

Other than the doll being alive, my game is kind of boring right now. I’ve no attachment to Lacy (the kids mom) or her sister Lisa. They are total ‘meh’ and I can’t wait for them to turn into elders and die. I’m hoping that when Leroy graduates he can start a career as a Magician. Lark wants to be a singer like her grandpa. I hope she has far better successes than he did!



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  1. I had no idea The Sims was a horror game. It is sounding more and more like The Secret World in there. o.O

  2. Those dolls are pretty terrifying looking. It might be less scary if it was a giant 6-foot rabbit like the social bunny in TS2.

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