Sims 3: Bring on the pain!

Sims 3 Nickolas dies

Reporting for the Llama Mama Newspaper:

Longtime resident and former maid Nickolas Calhoun the Klepto died peacefully in his sleep during the late night / early morning hours. His death was witnessed by his wife, Lacy Calhoun the Chef and the Grim Reaper himself. Lacy was overheard saying that if the snow hadn’t been so deep outside she would have thrown a party on the front lawn. Lacy could not be reached for comment but the staff at the Llama Mama Newspaper are sure Lacy was referring to a celebration of life for her beloved husband and not a wild and raucous celebration of her new-found freedom. We think.

(I forget the name of the Sim newspaper)

The staff at the Llama Mama Newspaper are too kind, however, because as soon as Nickolas kicked the bucket she not ONLY popped up a wish to throw a party to celebrate her being single (seriously) but she left with her sister, Lisa, on a two day vacation Lisa won. His body wasn’t even cold yet!!

I didn’t know sims could “win vacations” or that you had no say so over the matter. They just up and left for two whole days, leaving teenaged Leroy at home. Alone. With the baby and the dog. The pop up for the vacation message said that my teenagers were capable of looking after themselves while the adults were gone and that proved to be true. I will admit to a slight freak out when I heard the baby cry after Mom and Aunt Lisa left, however. I’d forgotten about the baby, Lark.

Nickolas did a great job. He picked up a part time job at the Spa right before his father died. The father he mourned and mourned and mourned (just saying. Ahem, Lacy). He not only cooked and cleaned, took care of his little sister’s needs and called for a babysitter when he had to go to work, he also took time out of each day to play with Lark.

Sims 3 Leroy talking through Loco, his doll, to his little sister Lark

When Leroy was born a message popped up informing Lacy that someone had gifted little Leroy with a doll. When he was old enough he renamed his doll “Loco” and played with Loco daily. The bond between Leroy and his Loco is a truly beautiful sight. Lark, also, was gifted with a doll just like her big brother’s. Her dolls name is Patterns. The two of them playing with the doll did wonders for their relationship! They didn’t know each other well at all before the doll play but now they are nearly best friends! Leroy is deserving of mad respect, being so sweet and playful with his baby sister when he was so deep in mourning their father’s death, his mom running off to go have fun AND their faithful and well loved dog, Nugget, dying.

Oh, that’s right. The darn dog died less than a day after Nickolas did! How cruel is that???

(And this is where I remember why I don’t name my sims after family members. Even I was upset when Nugget died and paused the game to go and hug my own Pug, Nugget.)

Nugget, My Pug

D’aww, wook at dat face! You’d never guess Nugget, my Pug, considers himself to be a GuardPug and refuses to allow strangers in my house!

Leroy may be a prankster, often getting scolded and *grounded for hiding whoopie cushions under couch seats, causing toilets and sinks to over flow and  rigging the showers with dye, but he’s the best big brother you’ve ever seen! His little brother, Levi, was sent to boarding school (really hope that doesn’t break the Legacy rules) to make sure Leroy’s love for pranks didn’t rub off on Levi. He calls Levi almost daily to check up on him! Leroy may not have come from the best genes with an old maid kleptomanic for a father and a mother who clearly has her priorities mixed up, but he’s rock-star-solid for his family and loves them dearly.


*Did you know that if your sim child gets grounded and dares to go to school they not only have to sneak out of the house to do so but they get punished when they get home? All because they left the house? Leroy lost his TV privileges because he went to school! And my (real life) kids thought I was harsh!

Oh, and while I’m at it, the Zombie Sitter from my previous Sims post reverted back to being human when it was time for him to go. It was sudden and he bolted from the house so quick he didn’t even take his car. His car sat out front for a couple days before disappearing. He left in a cab. How’s that for weird!


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