Update on the (July) Testament of Sherlock Holmes giveaway

Congratulations, Wen, on winning the third week of Christmas in July, the giveaway for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes! Amazing game!

Giveaway poll results

The poll was a close race between the Sherlock game and Don’t Starve. So, next week I’m going to do a giveaway for Don’t Starve that includes the Reign of Giants DLC. I’ve played a little bit of Don’t Starve and have to admit, I didn’t get it. Well, I get that it’s a survival game where you have to gather and craft your way to surviving but I didn’t get the appeal. I only gave it a few moments (30 according to Steam), though, and hope to get in a bit more play time this weekend so I can do a better write up for the giveaway.

Check back Monday for the last week of my Christmas in July giveaways!


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