Sims 3: Oh, dear readers, I need help. STAT!

First, let me do a quick catch up on my Legacy Sims before jumping into my last play session.

Sims 3 Legacy challenge Luna and John

Luna Calhoun, my founder sim, married an aging rock star, John and had two girls together. Lacy Calhoun, the heir (first girl) is the older sister of Lisa Calhoun. Money was tight and since John had retired the family depended in part on the money he made selling his works of art, his paintings. Sadly he walked over to his easel one day to start creating a little grocery money but died before he could even pick up his brush. Lacy and Lisa immediately found part-time jobs to help Luna, a struggling journalist, cover the household bills. Their school work suffered a bit and that teenage angst was strong but, they went to work every day scheduled and graduated without any failing grades.

Lisa has simolean signs in her eyes, wants to live in an expensive house (yet still works part time at the spa!) while Lacy is a bit more driven. She’s made countless meals, read books, leaned new recipes, all in hopes of being a 5-star chef one day. She’s also the heir being that my founder sim, Luna, was female. It’s up to Lacy to continue the Calhoun Legacy! Problem was, she couldn’t find a single suitable mate. The guys she got along with best were already married. Others were werewolves or vampires. It was MADDENING! She thought she’d found Mr. Right but he cut out early, super early, on their date because she bored him too much. So she did the only thing she could do. She chatted up the (male) maid and within a very few sim hours, was married and pregnant! She had to work fast because her husband, Nickolas, was set to turn into an elder four days after the private ceremony.

Lacy loves her sons, Levi and Leroy. Her traits are great! She has the family trait, friendly, and her randomly selected traits are lucky, brave, vehicle enthusiast and althletic. Which of those traits allows her to have the option to heckle her kids or attack them with claws?? Makes no sense to me! Still, she’s a good mom with a little guidance from me. Nickolas is still cleaning the house but he’s an elder, well into his 70s. They only have boys and she needs a girl! Hope the plumbing still works.

Pumping out kids so fast is tiring, especially when you’re trying to hone your skill to achieve a job advancement on your return to work! They make use of a lot of babysitters so they can afford time to sleep. Nickolas called for a sitter before going to bed one night only, the sitter never came. He saw something on the floor and since he was doing a bit of house cleaning to stay awake long enough to see the sitter in, he walked to the door to pick up the special seed he’d seen on the floor. This is what he found.

Aliens have landed on my sims porch!

There stood this old looking alien, casually popping his back on the Calhoun front porch!!! I’ve NEVER seen this happen in all my years playing Sims. Nickolas, ever curious, went out to talk to this strange fellow.

Alien space ship parked beside the babysitter car

He, I believe, offended the poor lost alien and after confessing to being unemployed, the alien shot back to the sidewalk, transported to his space ship and flew off into parts unknown. That’s when Nickolas saw it. THE BABYSITTER’S CAR!!! Where was the sitter? The plot thickens!

It was about this time that I saw the babysitter. He’s unmistakable as he wears a hard hat only he was walking funny, stooped over and his arms were weirdly out. The stupid zombies in the yard had attacked and turned him before he could make it in the house. Still, he was there to babysit, having been hired for the job, and so he went in the house and upstairs to the nursery. Where he then proceeded to try and attack Lisa. Repeatedly! Like, every flipping second he’s wanting to attack her or Nickolas. I can’t interact with Zombie Sitter, I can only cancel his attacks and direct my sims away from him. They are safe as long as they are in their beds and since they’re all exhausted (yellow even) that’s where they need to be.

Except that would leave no one up to tend to the babies.

Nickolas couldn’t find a way to get Zombie Sitter out of the house so he called the cops. The cop not only lectured Nickolas on abusing the emergency system he fined him 500 simoleans! It’s like salt in a wound, people! Can’t just hire another sitter because the job is active (Zombie Sitter) and you can’t have more than one sitter at a time. Zombie Sitter isn’t taking care of the babies, he’s too busy trying to attack Lisa. I was so frustrated at the situation I saved and quit the session. I save OFTEN and already had one save in before I knew    the babysitter had been turned.

Babysitter is a zombie

How do I get Zombie Sitter out of my house? The last time this sitter was there he stayed an entire DAY! That’s crazy! Lacy is due to wake soon and she can take care of the kids but she’ll have to fend off Zombie Sitter at every move. UGH. Is there a way to remove someone from your lot that would help? This legacy challenge has proven far more challenging on many fronts, unexpected fronts. I want to finish it before Sims 4 comes out but, at this rate, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Help!


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