*CLOSED* Poll: Pick the next giveaway!

I thought this might be fun (especially since I’m torn and can’t decide myself). Going to run a poll for two days and let you guys pick what game I give away next in my ‘Christmas in July Giveaway’. Vote for your choice below. The winning game will be posted Monday as the giveaway post. 🙂

(might need to click over to view the poll if you’re reader doesn’t show it)


The poll is closed now. We have a winner and it’ll be announced on Monday morning’s Giveaway post. (Will post a screenie so you can see the results.) Thanks for voting!


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  1. I voted Sherlock Holmes which is the one I’d want to try if I were to enter.

    But I don’t usually enter for giveaways cos I know I’m not really likely to be finding the time to get the most out of the game, so leave it for someone that can get the full value.

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