Bioshock Infinite: Completely bowled over by this game

Bioshock Infinite Booker's desk


Having played through the game once this screenshot of Dewitt’s desk has so much more meaning than it did the first few times I saw it. Rather telling, no? I’ve heard so much about Bioshock Infinite, things like it would completely blow your mind or it’s hands down the best story/companion game, that when I saw the Bioshock triple pack on sale last year I decided to buy them. It was an impulse buy, one that I regretted actually because I don’t do FPS games. I’ve looked at the listings for the Bioshock games in my games list on Steam for months and finally decided to give it a try a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t know why I waited so long to experience this game!

It’s nothing like what I’d imagined FPS games were. It’s not just a ‘shoot-em-up’ game, a hail storm of bullets with no meat. It has a story that makes you think. I’m still thinking in that ‘can’t get it out of my mind’ kind of way because I missed more than half of the voxophones and have gaps. Specifically, the Vox Populi story. Voxophones are recordings you pick up that fill you in on the back story that drives what you’re doing in game. I’ll tell you a funny- my son has played this game on several difficulty levels and was standing beside me when I met Elizabeth for the very first time. I paused the game, turned to him and immediately asked him a question (I’d type the question but just in case there are others who haven’t played the game before I don’t want to spoil it) and completely nailed the gist of the story. He was stunned, staring at me with a slack jaw almost, and completely unsure what to say. He neither confirmed or denied and told me that story had a lot of twists and turns.

And BOY, does it EVER!

Once I’d finished the game he asked how I knew. My answer was simple. I’ve watched a crapton of Star Treks and it seemed a likely story.  What I didn’t tell him was that the story is so convoluted as you play I may have doubted my original take on it more than a few times. You’ll keep my secret, won’t you?

Bioshock Infinite has stunning graphics and amazing details.

Bioshock Infinite floating barbershop quartet

I was wandering through a festival when a barbershop quartet floated by. The sound track, I thought, was dead on, well done and set an unmistakable atmosphere for the theme of the story, redemption (trying not to spoil here but know that’s not even the tip of the iceberg).

Bioshock Infinite beach scene

If I’m remembering correctly the story takes place around 1914? Scenes like in the above screenshot are rather period specific and beautifully done! I played the game on Easy and still found it challenging. I didn’t use my controller even though all of my boys told me I should. One of my sons watched me play for a bit and then announced to another son that he’d discovered why I sucked at shooting sometimes. He said I wasn’t using the ‘auto-target’ feature. I paused and searched every menu I could find but never saw that option! He plays this game on the 360 so maybe it’s different on the consoles?

This was my introduction to First-Person-Shooters and by the time I’d finished the game I’d gotten a ton better at aiming and shooting. Though, there were times where I gave up trying to shoot from a distance, charged my attackers and used both my weapon and melee. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I’m going to play through again once I finish playing Bioshock (the first one) and make sure I find every single voxophone! I have so many questions about Songbird, the Vox Populi, that hummingbird that you see when you first start the game. It had to mean something! I’m completely taken with this game and find myself thinking about it often. I have to play it again!

I do have a gripe with the game. Empty containers! WHAT THE WHAT! There are so so SO many containers to search for loot in (like, OMG a TON) but there are dry spells where everything that’s lootable is empty. THAT’S NOT FUN! Oh, and picking up coins. If there are a group of coins scattered about the floor in one little area, why can’t I pick them all up at once?? Ugh.

Elizabeth, your companion, is amazing! She brings on the feels, leads you in the right direction when you’re lost and, for me, made me feel as if I were playing the game with another person. Well, not exactly, but … not sure how to explain what I meant. She doesn’t feel like your typical NPC, not one that I’ve ever encountered. She was kind of like Watson (Sherlock Holmes) in that she was more than just another character in the game, she was rather like a team member. I’m not doing this justice.

Since playing this game I’ve started looking at other FPS games. I had no idea I could not only enjoy a game like this but play one and feel like a convert! (<—- haha)  I’m waiting to see if the Season Pass DLC pack goes on a 75% off sale during the Steam summer sale before I buy it. I WILL get the Season Pass! I’m playing through Bioshock right now to acquaint myself with Rapture since some (or all?) of the DLC center around this infamous city. I don’t know if it will amount to beans when playing the Season Pass stories but I’m enjoying my time in Rapture right now, even if Elizabeth isn’t there.


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  1. If you liked BI, check out Red Dead Redemption. It’s like a classic western in game form!

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