Update on Tropico4 Giveaway

The original winner of the Tropico 4:Special Steam Edition giveaway had to decline so I redrew for another winner. Congrats to Stargrace our newest El Presidente! Not sure I’ve mentioned it but one of my favorite ways to play is in Sandbox mode. I pick an island that has a lot to offer in terms of resources and coast line, set up options to let me rule for as long as I can (is it 70 years? it’s been awhile) and then build up every single industry that I can. I win the elections with ease as my people love me. When opposition starts to build up I switch to tyrant mode, cheating to win elections and taking out key folks who dare to oppose me. Once I’ve brought my island to its knees, taking away luxuries and then a few needs, I build them back up. And they love me again! Haha, I’m a cruel leader, no?

That used to be the only way I played, for the most part, until I started the campaigns with Tropico 4. They are addictive! Penultimo is your friend, Stargrace. Your wacky ‘got your back’ friend. Enjoy!

Penultimo from Tropico 4


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