LotRO: Screenshot memories

I found these screenshots while attempting a bit of cleaning on my computer. I say attempting as I gave up long before I could even put a dent in the thousands of pictures and screenshots on my backup drive. Anyway, they made me smile and laugh, remembering the some of the many wonderful memories I’ve been a part of in LotRO so I thought I’d share them with you.

Using the 'follow' command to sit in a chair and follow someone

We wanted to do a kinship race where we drug people sitting in chairs behind us all over The Shire. This was a test run and, sadly, they fixed that “bug” before we could have our event.


The original and buggy fishing waders

Remember these? The fishing waders that made it appear (on light-skinned folks) that your bum was bare? As funny as these waders were I was glad to see that problem fixed. This was back when you could “fish” in a campfire. Oh, LotRO bugs, how I love thee.


Moors mount


Looks like the War Leader is using my warg as a mount, no? I would have LOVED it if wargs could give rides to other creeps! Talk about getting your healer around!


The ramp of death in Helegrod


I was in the Pathfinders on Windfola and although we accomplished a few big things (anyone remember the Craft Fairs on Windy?) we were a small kin. We had no problems knocking out 6-man content but anything bigger? Hmfp. We formed an alliance with a few other small kins and our first run for the alliance was just for fun. We decided to take on Helegrod even though most of us had never stepped foot in the place. We were told not to advance past this ramp. Someone didn’t listen. Luckily, we all laughed! We were not able to take down the final boss (his name completely escapes me) but that didn’t matter. We were experiencing content with a group of friends and having a blast!

Now that I think about it, all of these screenshots were from Windfola, my first server after closed beta. I left that server for Big E because I was looking for fun and opportunities. Funny now as, looking back, I had a ton of fun on Windy.


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  1. Was Rolfkrage in your kin? I think he has a cappy called Bulwyfe on Windfola. May need to check that spelling…

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