Tropico 5: Welcome back, El Presidente!

Tropico 5 main menu screen

I am so happy to be playing Tropico again! I pre-ordered through Steam so the download was available for me on Friday afternoon. I’ve gotten in a couple of hours playtime and decided to start with the tutorial to reacquaint myself with my old pal, El Presidente’. The graphics are amazing and even though there are new systems in game, it feels like Tropico still. That’s always a worry with me with each new version, that they’ll turn it into something I don’t recognize anymore. My fears were for naught as they not only managed to improve on the game and take it to another level, it’s still the game I fell in love with so many years ago. If that makes sense.


Tropico 5 loading screen

The loading screens are gorgeous and look like oil paintings with bits of dictator history on them. (Some bits are too long to read before the game has loaded and the load screen disappears.) You can see brush strokes on them and the detail is terrific! I would love to be able to print a couple out and display them on my office wall. Just beautiful!


Tropico 5 el presidente customization

I thought this was hilarious. You can customize several options on El Presidente, such as his name (select from a list), his outfit, ethnicity, … You can even choose for him to don a pair of “Lennon” sunglasses (haha) or have a pipe in his mouth, though not both at the same time. True to form Tropico shipped with a sense of humor, even in the descriptive wording on your selection options. Like, you can have a ‘stache’ or a ‘manly stache’. Just too funny! Oh, and you can customize the members in your dynasty as well (can have, IIRC, seven in your dynasty) though I didn’t see as many options available for dynasty members. Right now there aren’t a ton of customization options but the ones available are fun. I wonder if we’ll see more in upcoming DLC packs?

One that thing that’s gone is the trait system. Remember having to choose from a list of traits such as religious, flatulence or alcoholic when picking your dictator? I didn’t see that option anywhere. Still, I do like this new way of picking El Presidente a lot!


Tropico 5 picture in picture

How about a little PiP (picture in picture) to show you certain ‘events’ as they happen? What I found especially neat about this little window was that the action in the little window exactly matched what was going on in your view, just at a different angle. The loading crane on the dock would swing out to load cargo on the fright ship in both windows, for instance. How cool is that? If you have more than one event happening, such as a fright ship at your dock and a gift of money from “The Crown”, you can select which to view in the little window by clicking on the colored circles at the bottom of it. Again, neat!

The water doesn’t look so hot zoomed in but that could be my video card. Dunno. Looked amazing zoomed out a bit further! The overlay system that helps you determine where best to build your resources is still in game. When you’re picking a spot for a wharf look for the little fish icons on the water. You can pay a palace guard to go explore more of your island for you (new system) as a lot of it is undiscovered territory. So far I haven’t found anything unusual and that may be the way it’s supposed to be. I was half expecting to see a placard stating I’d found ruins or something having played so much Civ V.

I haven’t done much with the dynasty system but I did send one (the only one I have so far) off to college. She’d just gotten back to the island when I decided to save and exit. I was tired! I’m thinking dynasty members have different mitigations or boosts to different productions on the island, or foreign affairs, or some such mechanic. I think I may have been leading my island, at one point, with her without realizing. I didn’t notice anything different happening. Will be interesting to see how this system plays out.


Tropico5 steam trading card, Penultimo

I’m thinking I should have a large chunk of free time later today and, if so, Penultimo and I have plans to spend the evening together! I missed him!



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