Banished: My poor villagers!

I was given a Steam gift card for Mother’s Day and I used that sucker to get a game I’ve been wanting ever since I first heard of it. I bought Banished and, oh my, my poor villagers! I’m not very good with this game yet and my villagers are paying the price for that.


Tornado in Banished

I thought things were running just fine until a tornado came through and killed all but six of my villagers! ALL BUT SIX!! I couldn’t get them to gather wood, stone or anything after the devastation and thought that it may help to build a cemetery. Only, they needed stone for that project and wouldn’t go get it. I didn’t fuss with that game much longer and decided to start a fresh game and hope the tornado wouldn’t repeat. I do think I understand what I did wrong with the first one, though. After losing most of my villagers I didn’t go back and reassign jobs. I’m guessing my laborers, the ones who go get stone and logs and the like, were killed in the storm. Since no one was assigned that job it went undone. Right?


Snow covered village in Banished

I LOVE THE SNOWY SEASON LOOK! It took me a second to realize the ground was changing colors because it was snowing but, wow. How cool is that? The weather effects in this game are pretty stinking neat though I could do without killer funnel clouds.


Banished, my second village

I’m playing on “Easy” (and I don’t apologize for that!) but it’s not as easy as you might think it should be. My second village was going great! I’d learned from a few mistakes on my first run and was having a blast when I noticed a circle appear above a house. The circle had a knife and spoon in it. ‘Are they throwing a feast for the villagers?’, I wondered. No. Nonononono. They had run out of food and were starving to death! I felt rather helpless because I didn’t know how to fix that problem. I did an early harvest on my wheat field (was at 62% yield) but it wasn’t enough. I tried to get my villagers to build a fishing dock to help provide more food but the river was too far away (I’m guessing) and they wouldn’t even start it. I quit this run through after I lost two adults and two children to starvation. What a horrible way to go! Poor little pixels. 😦

Food wasn’t an issue through the first year but it sure was come the second year. I’m not sure how to prevent that unless I should skip building a hospital and hire that person to work a second farm. I do have an herbalist and, I’m hoping, that may help tide things over until I can build a hospital at a later time. I could probably hold off on building the chapel as well.  Real life storms kept me from trying a third village but now that the weather has calmed down (crossing my fingers!) I may give it a third shot before bed. It’s just after midnight (going to set this post to publish a few hours from now) so I could get in an hour or so. Wonder how long it’ll take me to kill my villagers off this time?


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  1. I played Banished a while ago and I really liked it. Your Villagers need a couple of Things to live : A Home, Firewood, Clothes, Tools, Food. You need to make sure your Villagers got all of these Things available.

    A good Source of Food at the Start before you can build Farms are the Gatherers Huts. Fishing is not very efficient, but may help you to get your People fed as a secondary Food Ressource.

    And while learning the Game I would disable the Disasters in the Menu. When you know how to make your Villagers survive you can still enable them again.

    Wish you much Fun with the Game 🙂

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