Monaco: Bludgeoned to death

Monaco Lebanese Embassy Mission completed

A friend gifted me this game for Christmas and after reading the description and checking it out on the Steam store page I bought a few copies to use as Christmas gifts for my sons and an extra to giveaway! (Check back next week for a chance to win it!) This is an action adventure heist game where your goal is to rob different places in Monaco (I’m assuming on that one). You can play single player or co-op mode but I prefer to play by myself. I’ve heard it’s crazy fun when playing with others but I’m too much of an AFK-type gamer to go co-op. I would love it if I could play with my sons, however, as they get that I have to jump away from time to time to do this and that.

The game *IS* fun and gets your heart pumping as you try NOT to attract the guards attention. ‘Least, you’re supposed to not attract them. I do, from time to time and have been bludgeoned to death more than a few times already! I’m told I can fight the guards but I’m not sure how. I try and sneak as much as I can but once I’ve been spotted I run a couple rooms over before activating sneak again while looking for a corner to hide in. So far that’s working pretty good for me.

I wish it was easier to go into single-player mode! If someone jumps into my lobby session before I can quickly click past the dialogue I leave the session and start a new one. You can set how many people are allowed in a session but the only options are 2, 3 and 4 players. I want 1!!! Just one-player! If I have a bone to pick with this game, it’d just be that.

I completed the Lebanese Embassy mission yesterday, finally getting the trophy out of the embassy and into the get away car before the guards could beat me to a bloody pulp. Not sure how many lives I had when I started but when I finished I only had two left. Never thought I’d say this but it’s a wonderfully rewarding feeling to steal the item AND make it to the get away car!! I’m wondering if you have to play through to a point where other characters unlock. I can choose between the lock-smith, the pick-pocket and the mole. Maybe one other character but I know there are a few more you can play. They could also be mission specific, too. Dunno.

I would love to play this on xBox 360 with my kids. Holy COW! Just hit Google to see if that’d even be possible and it SO IS! It’s on the Marketplace for $14.99. Hmm, I might get that soon as everyone, I’m assuming, will be home for Mother’s Day and how fun would it be to pull a heist together on such a lustrious holiday for Mothers??? Oh wait, I forgot I don’t have a sub to xBox live right now. Oh arg. (assuming I’d need one for multi-player?)



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  1. It’s free (therefore, on sale) on Steam this weekend so I was thinking of checking it out. No clue if it’d like it or not but there’s only one way to find out.

  2. Kurgan Nazzir

    So I just played a little bit and what you do is you press P before choosing a mission to switch to single player, no lobby involved. At least that’s how it worked for me.

  3. It’s that simple??? OMG. I feel so stupid! Thanks, tho! Been wondering if the dialogue is witty or not (I space through it as fast as I can trying to keep anyone from joining).

  4. The dialogue so far, to me, has been rather bland and stupid so you’re not missing anything.

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