Anodyne: The ‘D’ key won’t help you

Writing on a rock in Anodyne


I’m wanting to play all of my games this year, at least once, so yesterday I started at the top of my games library in Steam and played a bit of Anodyne. This is a throwback to the old Zelda games but I have to say, I’m not sure what I think of the story-telling so far. It’s a little weird but I’ve found the game to be fun all the same. Well, once I figured out what I was supposed to do. I had to hit YouTube and watch a walk through for one of the puzzles (I didn’t recognize it AS a puzzle and was completely stumped on what was going on) and after watching, I think I get it now.

Dialogue screenshot from Anodyne


Some of the dialogue is witty where other bits leave me scratching my head wondering what I was supposed to glean from that particular part of the story. (re: the girl and her bike?) Still other bits here and there, like the rocks/signs that only say the writing is faded, make me wonder why someone bothered. Seriously. You fight with a broom and, apparently, you’re the ‘Chosen One’, evidenced by the fact that you have said broom. I want a better weapon! And less bats! And bats that don’t respawn just because I stepped back onto that part of the map after killing the bats. STAY DEAD YOU FILTHY WINGED BEASTS!  I found a peddler with a nice looking gun for sale. Think it costs $500 but, um, do you even earn coin in this game? I completed the Temple Dungeon and didn’t get a single cent. Hey guys who made this game, that’s not funny. I outta smack you with my broom or at least sweep dust in your eyes.

Seer boss in Anodyne


The first boss fight in the Temple Dungeon is a seer. I watched this fight in the walk-through and saw how easy he was to take down. I died, I think, 10 times trying to kill this boss face because I kept running into his disc shields. Or I tried to use the ‘D’ key to attack when the only key you use in this game, other than your arrow keys, is ‘C’. I can also attest to the fact that the ‘V’ key doesn’t do diddly either, other than cause your stupid self to die. Once again. For having your finger on the wrong key. /Dorksauce

Anodyne is a fun little time-waster. If you’re looking for story this isn’t your game. I’m enjoying it enough to want to keep playing, especially now that I’m in the nice green colorful area (forest?). I like that you can use the dust bunnies as a raft on water to keep you from sinking. Assuming you can drown? Dunno for sure as when I noticed I was sinking I hauled little Young back to the safety of the grass. While playing yesterday I pulled up the menu screen and made lunch for Grandbaby and myself. When I got back I noticed a timer was ticking, tracking how much time I’d been playing. Not sure what it’s for but given my ‘play for a few minutes and then go do something real quick’ way of gaming (<—— distracted gamer am I) I hope it’s not a bad thing. We shall see.


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