Sims 3: Belching babysitters and moochy maids

What gives? Every single babysitter my new Legacy Sim family has had burps, loud and proud, and then fans the burp funk while standing near the babies! Some don’t even do much babysitting at all! This is one of several that will opt to go chat, read a book or jump on the computer even when the baby is orange and screaming its little head off.

Sims 3 babysitting chatting with dad and neighbor


Luna, my founder sim, has no qualms about firing the babysitters when they aren’t watching the babies. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want to do much of that herself, after all.

Sims 3 maid helping herself to leftover waffles


Luna loves her children but lacks patience when she isn’t having fun. And check out the maid! She opened the fridge and grabbed a plate of leftover waffles then sat down to eat them. All while Luna is throwing a fit over her toddler making noise. What? This family hasn’t had the best of luck with maids either. They often stop to chat, leave when there’s still beds to be made or trash to be taken out or, my personal favorite, just go stand on the porch and do nothing. NOT ONE SINGLE THING. Just stand there. For hours.

Sims 3 maid chilling on the porch


I’ve seen mention of collections with Sims 3 but I’ve never tried to collect anything. I have no idea how that works but decided to send Lacy Calhoun, my ‘heir’ out to explore the catacombs and see if there was anything worth collecting in them. I wasn’t sure what she’d have to do with anything she found but it was Saturday and she needed a fun activity so off she went. Holy. Freaking. Cow.

Sims 3 school-aged kid mauled by a bear


This is how she came home! Apparently there are bears deep in the catacombs and they maul young children!!! I had no idea! Poor thing walked right passed her dad who couldn’t be bothered to stop playing his guitar long enough to even ask ‘Where are your clothes?’. Mom didn’t notice her either. I’m so disappointed in the parenting abilities, or lack thereof, of this sim family it’s not funny. But, bears? Bears that maul sims? That’s not fair! And just what did the bear maul her with? A gallon of 40 weight?

Wow. Just, wow.

This Legacy family is certainly not boring. I played until both kids were school-aged then saved and quit to go watch Survivor. It wouldn’t have taken so long to play today if I’d just stuck to playing and not stopped to clean my shower walls, mop the kitchen, do laundry and clean mirrors. I’m such a distracted gamer it’s ridiculous. Almost afraid to see what happens when I play next!


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  1. Bears? It looks like your Sim got electrocuted! (Are there electric bears roaming the sewers under the city?)

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