LotRO: Blegba feels stuck

I logged Blegba the burg in Monday to run skirmishes hoping to level enough to continue on with the Epics. She had started Volume 1 Book 4 but after being sent to talk to Elladan at Thorenhad she was stuck, not being a high enough level to continue with the story given she was only level 32. I ran all six of the skirmishes she has and bumped her up to level 34, which allowed her to get as far as the troll caves in V1 Bk 4 before logging for the night.


I enjoy skirmishes, the Epics and even questing through zones. Great stories, fights, scenery, … Sometimes, though, it’s a big case of ‘done it before, repeatedly’, and I want to hurry up and level to get to content I haven’t run a million times. Wanting to hurry up and level when I’m not wanting to do old content I’ve done before, however, poses a problem. I want new skirmishes! That said, I haven’t tried any of the Big Battles yet and believe I saw where one is available for me. Maybe I should give that a go next time I log in.

Speaking of skirmishes I was doing Thievery and Mischief and saw the red dot for LordFisher. I ran into his little alcove and sliced him with my trusty little daggers. He one-shotted me in return so swiftly I had to blink to realize that I was really dead.



WHO PUT A LEVEL 85 OPTIONAL IN MY LEVEL 33 SKIRMISH??? That’s not nice! I never thought to stop and check his level or health before attacking him. You can bet I did every optional after that though! Was the 60K+ health LordFisher a hint that I should free Captain Condi from the East Wall (she’s still standing where Boromir died, right where I parked her before Helms Deep released) and play her again? I miss her and I want to play her but I still want my Condi back, the Captain I spent years building and tweaking until I had her just right. /Sigh.

When I log Blegba in next I’ll run her skirmishes again and get her up another level before tackling the troll caves for the Epic. Hopefully I’ll have decided by then if I want to continue leveling by Epic and skirmish or take a break from it and quest through a zone. Right now I’m bored and feel she’s stuck in a rut. I’m unsure when the next update is going to hit and am REALLY hoping the renewed zones of Esteldin and the Trollshaws will get me out of this rut.



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  1. so understand that muddy big rut that LOTRO creates at times…The epic are great but having to redo them for multiple alts is just too tedious (obviously some more fun than others)…I am redoing North Downs with an RK at the moment and so much of it is just so tedious… (it does need a revamp …I hope they really succeed!)

  2. North Downs? I’ll take repeating that over doing 17 sets of Hytbold and Survivors of Wildermore dailies any day. I love LotR, but ROI & later LOTRO can be so grindy that it eats your soul.

    • Want to wait until U13 for North Downs. Never been a fan of that area and hoping the update makes it more enjoyable.

      Agree very much about the grind with Hytbold. Hate it after doing the same few quests over and over and over …. Haven’t done Wildermore yet.

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