Gaming: Just not enough time in the day!

I listened to Braxwolf’s Beyond Bossfights podcast  (and straight up ran into Braxwolf in Esteldin right as the podcast started … how’s that for timing!) where he talked with Merric and Goldenstar (of CSTM) about what they’ve been up to since shutting down the podcast and how they fit gaming into their lives now. I’ve thought a TON about this the last few months because, for me personally, there just isn’t enough time in the day most days to play a game. Though, sometimes it’s not a time issue more than a ‘the Grandbaby is mobile’ issue. Actually, it’s mostly the later.

When my boys were little my gaming consisted of two parts: playing console and board games with them or getting in solo console play once they’d gone to bed. I didn’t have time during the day to play and what’s more I had to have eyes on them 427 hours out of the day! ‘Least, it felt like that. They were always into something and even though I was a stay-at-home mom I never could figure out how to take care of them, the house, cook and whatever else I had to do AND game. Not while they were awake. I had long dry spells where I just didn’t game unless playing with them. There’s ten years between my oldest and youngest and, if I’m remembering this correctly, it wasn’t until she was around 2-3 years old that I was able to start gaming some again. Still, it was limited.

Now my youngest is 16 (If you saw where I referred to her as 17 last week, HAHAHA. I R old and forgetful.) but my Grandbaby is 21 months old. Means she’s not just walking but climbing and growing taller and getting into more and more things! There are days where it’s hard to step away long enough to wash dishes even without her trying to scale the entertainment stand. Just this weekend she climbed on her desk in the living room, after moving it to just the right spot, and knocked our Wii, Wii U and a bunch of movies off the shelf and onto the floor. A couple of weeks ago she busted her lip (bled and everything!) while I was sitting right in front of her and I’m still not entirely sure what she did it on. It’s always something with the little ones, no?

I have a ton of games on Steam that I’ve downloaded but I’m not sure they’re all installed. I want to play these games like CRAZY but … Where’s the time? Or, when I have time, such as after her bed time, where’s the energy? Games like Sims 3 or the Sherlock Holmes series, for instance, those are pretty easy in that I can walk away and not worry about my “character”. MMOs, however, are a beast of a different color. The only one I’m playing now is LotRO and that’s on an uber casual basis. I just can’t quit that game! I have Rift and GW2 also but I’m considering uninstalling them because I just don’t have time for them. Not to mention commitment!

I started the year with a big goal in mind, that being to play every single game I own at least once this year. I’m seriously behind on that already! I don’t think I should continue to buy tons of games when I don’t play the ones I have and, to that end, have been ignoring a lot of Humble Bundles AND I’ve set Steam to open straight to my games library instead of the store. Helps a bunch! I do plan to get Tropico 5 and the new Sherlock game this year but since Sims 4 has been pushed back, I think those are my only “big” purchases I have planned. Well, the Steam summer sale …. if I’ve played half of my games by then I plan to reward myself with a few new ones. Maybe. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m interested in WildStar but not enough to buy it. It looks fun but between the Grandbaby and our garden this summer I won’t have time for it anyway. Part of my time constraints are self-imposed because I’ve learned time is fleeting. I raised my four and the fact that my youngest is 16 astounds me! I’d swear they were still in diapers yesterday. I have this incredible opportunity in that my Grandbaby lives with me for now and I want to experience as much of her being little as I can. Blink and they’re grown, I swear! I’m not an MMO gamer anymore. I solo-play LotRO and other games I play are single-player. And I’m ok with that. Goldenstar mentioned feeling disconnected from social media, something I completely understand. The last month or two I’ve missed a ton of Twitter chats because I don’t have time to watch my stream like I used to and a lot of my Twitter buds are super chatty. (which is awesome!) When I get time to look at Twitter I don’t go very far back and just miss so much. Last week I was watching the straw-poll from MMOBomb (?) between LotRO and Mabinogi and chatting with friends on Twitter as they watched. It felt EPIC because I was connected again. Still, as awesome as that was, I just don’t have the time to do that often.

I plan to start walking my dogs again daily as soon as the weather warms up (and we replace their harnesses since Moxxie ate them). That’s time I could use for gaming but as I get older I think more about my health and how to fit more exercise in. If I can learn how to grow plants rather than kill them (I excel at killing them!) I want to do more in the garden instead of leaving all the growing to my husband. I’m more and more interested in cooking better, less pre-processed stuff which means more time in the kitchen. And I want to purge my house of useless junk this year. Five years ago I made schedules around my gaming time. Now I’m trying to schedule gaming around everything else and have become somewhat fond of rewarding myself with ‘guilt-free’ gaming … meaning a couple of hours when my chores are done for the day. It’s like gold stars on a chart!

I won’t lie, though. I do miss it. The fellowship, the fun, the chats, the dungeons, … If I ever get back to MMOs in earnest I have no doubt I’ll enjoy the crap out of them but for now, it’s not in the deck I’m playing.


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  1. I think balance is something that most gamers struggle with, really, at least once they have some real responsibilities in their lives. I know exactly what you mean by “guilt free gaming”, and I wish I had more of it! Half of the time I’m thinking about that faucet that needs to be replaced or that hole that should be patched up, and yet I suppose I could find enough to do that gaming would never be an option. Hence, balance. It’s the tough line between taking a little playtime as a reward and forgoing the other things that you really should (or want to, in the case of ball games and family time) be doing. Thanks for the post, I always enjoy your writing.

    • Well said! I’ve watched friends go from obsessive gaming to the ‘I’m an adult and should be doing ____” before. Understand that completely as I’ve done that myself. Balance, if you can find it, is key.

      I enjoy your posts tremendously. Thanks. 🙂

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