Mobile Game: You Must Escape

Screenshot from You Must Escape

I downloaded a mobile game for my phone called You Must Escape from Mobest Media last night. The object of the game is to escape by opening the doors in every room. All of the doors are locked, however, and you must hunt around the room for objects, clues and puzzles to find the key. Some items have to be combined while others are usable as is. It’s not too hard nor is it too easy (so far, not very far in) and I’m finding it to be a fun little time waster. The download from the Google Play Store was free but when I checked it out on Amazon it’s 99 cents/coins

What are Amazon coins, by the way?

Looks like there are level packs you can purchase on the iTunes store but I’m not seeing them on the Google Play store. Weird. Anyway, just after a few rooms and I’m already looking forward to trying more of these escape games from Mobest Media, so I thought I’d post about it. Let me know if you’ve played any of these before as it looks like there are several. Noticed a walkthrough when doing a Google search for the game which is cool. Not sure I’ll need it but nice to see the community putting them up regardless.


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  1. Inverse Universe [] is one I played that is similar to this game. I got it when it was the free app of the day last July and it was pretty neat. It doesn’t really have any replay value, though, unless it’s been long enough since you last played so that it’s ‘new’ to you again.

    I might check out this game since it’s free on Play.

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