The Book of Unwritten Tales is a super fun game!

Mr. Underhill in his mage garb


The Book of Unwritten Tales is such a cute, funny and super fun game to play! KingArts and Nordic Games, the folks behind a favorite game of mine, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, certainly excel at putting out wonderfully thought out and designed point and click adventure games. I love the graphics in the game and the beautiful artwork lends well to the story of a young Gnome, Wilbur Weathervane, as he yearns for adventures of magic and mystery rather than machine building (like a proper Gnome). I have read that there are four playable characters but, so far, I’ve only opened three of them: Wilbur, Ivo (a Wood-Elf with a rather shapely rear end) and Captain Bonnet. The dialogue is witty, often making fun of the game and the genre or drawing references from other tales (such as LotR and Harry Potter). It’s a point and click adventure game with many elements of classic RPG fantasy based games. The world is in a war with both sides being so evenly built an end seems impossible. There are dwarfs, gnomes, NPCs, DEATH! (haha)

I forget what chapter I’m up to  but I’ve just gotten into the cave on the secret island. I think I’ve missed something because I can’t find a way to free Wilbur and Bonnet from the trap they fell into. Ivo suggested she continue on without them but after trying, I don’t think that’s possible. When I load up the game next I’m going back out of the cave with Ivo and see if I can find something I didn’t see the first time.



Since I’ve gotten to the cave, if you’ve played the game, then you know I finally beat this puzzle! OMG. RNG must be killed with FIRE! That sucker took forever before I realized how to get him to tell me all three colors. Multiple choice questions are your friend and you need Lady Luck on your side! That’s not why I took the screenshot, though. See that huge fluff ball in the left bottom corner? That’s the world’s largest hamster. Was his name Bertram? The hamster? Either way, my husband was on his computer behind me when the hamster was introduced to me and he laughed out loud and hard for a bit. Not sure why it was funny, but … I have no doubt I’ve missed more than a few references in this game.

Making a potion in Book of Unwritten Tales


I had to gather a laundry list of items to make a special potion so Wilbur could pass his Mage exam. That was the easy part. Getting the game to accept the way I was playing with my thumb ball mouse as I brewed this potion, however, was a whole other thing. I texted my daughter in the middle of the night for help (she’s a teen, they don’t sleep unless the sun is out). I’d tried and failed a bazillion times I think. So did she before she announced I was on my own. I thought about logging without finishing the potion at one point, thinking I was just too tired to know how to properly stir. That’s when it worked! WOOT! Although the graphics, presentation and instructions for this ‘puzzle’ were great, I did not enjoy the execution (stirring) at all. No more of that, please.

I bought this game and the DLC in a Humble Bundle last week. I’m now thinking of pledging towards BouT:2 (next week) because even though this game is a few years old, it’s still stunning, has made me fall in lurve with Wilbur, the story is compelling enough to wonder what’s next and I can’t wait to finish it. The idea of a part two makes it that much better!


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  1. I know you’re at least up to chapter 2 because that is when you are in the town doing the Mage stuff and visiting Death. I haven’t played in a while and I think I logged off when I hit Chapter 2, though I played that Chapter before because it’s the demo.

    I wish I had lots of money to blow because I would throw it at their Kickstarter so hard. lol

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