Sims 3: A brand new legacy

new sim, Luna Calhoun


I fired up Sims 3 last night and started a brand new legacy challenge. Why? Because. My other legacy family is going amazingly well, worth almost §1,000,000 already and I’m just on generation five! They’ve bought out a bunch of properties in town and become partners in others and the money is GOOD! My biggest issue with that family was that the sims I wasn’t really attached to didn’t want to die. Markus, who married a young Evie, lived to be 106 and I’m certain he only died then because I had him repair a broken stereo. Apparently he can’t handle the volts!  My absolute favorite sim, however, Eli, died a couple of days after becoming an elder. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? He was a major rock star, admired by many!

Anyway. I changed a trait via the aspiration rewards for my acrobat sim (she was clumsy and kept bombing her performances) and then wondered if I’d broken the rules for the legacy challenge. I hadn’t in that you can use aspiration rewards to buy anything but the moodlet thingy (I think) but did find that I’d broken a couple of the optional rules I’d wanted to follow. Namely, the optional Matriarchy/Patriarchy one and the family trait one. My original sim was a female, Ranni Moonbeam, and to keep with the Matriarchy her heir should have been a female. All heirs should have been female since my founder sim was. I broke that with both generation two and five. Also, I was cherry picking all of their traits instead of following the family trait rule. That one states you have to give every sim (founder and all heirs and spares) the same family trait, whichever one you choose to BE the family trait. The rest of the traits have to be randomly selected by the game. I know both of these rules ARE optional but I wanted to play using both options and, clearly, I hadn’t.

I still have them, saved on another game save, but last night I started the Calhoun Legacy family. I will be following both optional rules this time AND I plan to do the portrait options correctly this go round. Last time two of my portraits were of teen-aged kids. The youngest they can be at the time of the painting is Young Adult. Boooo.

People, I’d forgotten how hard it is to get started with so few simoleans, no house, no nothing. Plus, I downloaded the Riverview town for this family and having never played that town, have had to hunt the map hard looking for free food, showers, …. Things Luna couldn’t really afford yet. Here’s a picture of her very first “house”, built only because of the foreboding warning of zombies popping up from the ground (Supernatural EXP). Her bed, fridge, toilet, … had all been outside on her lawn before the warning.

Luna Calhoun's first (tiny) house

Not much room to do anything and, did you notice what I did with the stove? I spent money for a stove and didn’t have enough left for a counter so she could prep food to cook with the stove. DOH. She couldn’t use the stove until I bought a counter and, somehow, when trying to add an extra line of space for the counter to fit (once I had the money for said counter), I deleted her toilet. Won’t lie, I was a little ticked when I realized I’d gotten rid of her toilet. Still, this was home right up until she married John (Lessen) Calhoun who came with almost §3,000. They lived in this shoebox up until I realized there was no room for a crib and a baby was on the way.

Lucy Calhoun's second house


When I was done building it I had to send John, a rock star himself (with super bad stats for performances!) to the park to play for enough tips to afford a crib. Ha, love having sims who can play for tips! He doesn’t make the kind of dosh Eli Moonbeam made but it’s enough to get them out of a pinch. When the baby was born it was a girl (YAY!). I checked ages to see when everyone would grow up another notch (to full-fledged adult) and saw that John is a day or two from becoming an elder. $*#&%  Oh wells. His little guys are still active and they’re now expecting a second bundle of joy any day now. On that note, I didn’t know a sim could get pregnant hours after giving birth but, they SO CAN!

I should feel bad, huh?

I decided to use the trait Friendly as the Calhoun family trait and made sure baby Lacy’s other trait (at birth) was random. Will do the same for baby number two (the ‘spare’).  Oh, and I discovered another trick I didn’t know about with my first legacy family. If you’re in the Journalism career you can eat at any restaurant without paying as long as you choose the ‘review’ option. Sometimes writing a good review gives you bonus money, too! Luna not only ate at the Bistro for free, she was granted §500 for her review. Love that!



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  1. Writers eat for free? I’ll have to remember that!

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