Lord of Ultima: Closing

Email screenie stating Lord of Ultima is closing

I has a sad

I love a good browser war RTS game and Lord of Ultima fit that bill for me. I love building up a city, growing an army, unlocking tech to improve my army and defenses, having to build resource farms, being able to plunder other people’s cities and, likewise, having to defend my own against other people’s plundering. I love finding the right group of people to team up with, chat about nonsense stuff, get to know them and then band together to spill blood on the battlefield! I love trash-talking the enemy during a battle and then congratulating the other side after the fighting is over, regardless of which side won. Ladders, trade routes, surprise fights when you’re in route to a destination, precision group attacks on an unsuspecting enemy … makes me smile just thinking about it. (LoU didn’t have everything I’ve mentioned, btw, like ladders to train and gain XP in, just talking war RTS games in general.)

I had to stop playing LoU because of the condition with my eyes, it was just starting and took a while to adjust to  the loss of vision I experienced. Plus, school was letting out and more and more kids were playing, a lot of them very … how do I say it? Immature? I had to focus super hard to read chat and more than half of what I was reading was idiotic dreck that really had no place in game. Games like this you don’t want to just ignore chat entirely but … long story short, I stopped playing. I meant to go back and was hoping to time it for September/October when most of the kids (the ones that were just there to troll and cause problems) were back in school. Life was busy, however, and I never got around to it.

Made me sad when I read the email yesterday saying they’re closing the game come May. I have no idea if I have a balance left (it’s a F2P game with some Pay 2 Win features and I absolutely made use of the cash shop!) but it doesn’t matter as my cities are long gone I’m sure and there’s not enough time between now and May to be viable in ‘end game’ battles (when starting from scratch again).



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