LotRO: Blegba hit 25!

Blegba sitting in the Forsaken Inn

I’ve been playing LotRO on Monday’s the last few weeks and yesterday Blegba, my Burglar, finally hit lvl 25! Woot for (self-imposed) milestone! She’s currently working her way through Ost Guruth in the Lonelands, having just finished up the spider quest lines. Orcs are next and given how awesome Blegba plays, they’d better start running! I’m running the Quiet Knife trait set and although it seems pretty solid so far I’d like another skill or two to counter the cool-down wait. I mean, I’m fighting just fine and, best I recall, my only deaths have been when I was trying to get the ‘perfect’ screenshot or when my connection died on me while fighting a group of mobs in the Tuckborough skirmish. Still, I feel like I need another skill or two in my tool set and often find myself thinking about how I felt when working up my first Captain.

Strong, great class, just a lot of wait time for melee skills. Blarg.

When Blegba hit lvl 21 I made my way to the horse farm North of Bree and did the riding test for my riding skill. I bought the Chestnut pony for her and then opened the store to check out the riding buff I’d been hearing about. It cost 2995 TP but I had that and decided to go ahead and buy it. WOOT! I assumed it was an auto-granted thing and when I noticed the page-looking items in my inventory that came with the purchase, one for Apprentice riding, one for Journey and, I think, one for the actual riding skill I’d just gotten, I tossed them.

Yes, you read that correctly. I spent 2995 TP and then threw it in the trash!

Only, I didn’t yet know what I’d done. I horsed it back to Bree and then across to the Skirmish camp and wondered why I didn’t feel like I was riding any faster than normal. I moused over my pony icon and it said 62% but I remembered seeing a blurb when I bought the riding speed increase saying that something wouldn’t show on the tooltip. Still confused I opened the paper doll, clicked on Skills and then Passive skills and scanned the list looking for the trait that increases speed. I didn’t see it! I started a ticket explaining what I’d done (and why … because I felt SO incredibly stupid) and then went to the Skirmish Captain so I could start skirmishes. I was about halfway through with defending the Prancing Pony when a GM contacted me and returned those ‘papers’ I’d trashed to my inventory. Customer service was polite, swift and saved the day!

Blegba can now blaze a path at a whopping 78% speed! Woo HOO!

I’ve been writing up Blegba’s adventures after each play session and you can read the first one here, the second one here and this one is the third. I plan on writing another for this week but, so far, it’s not happening. My mind is a jumble of everything except what I need it to be today but hopefully I’ll have it up in the next day or two. These stories of Blegba’s adventures are taken from within the game and, role-played I guess. They don’t garner much of any attention from you guys but I have fun writing them up. My goal is to get Blegba to 50, tweak the stories into one story that flows better and then see if I can get it on my Kindle. Haha, I think that’d be so cool! After she hits lvl 50 I’ll decide if I want to keep leveling her (and if she keeps on with the awesome sauce I’m seeing now I will) or start another class. I’m glad you guys picked the Burg class for me! I wouldn’t have rolled one if it hadn’t been for you guys!


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  1. Good to hear you’re enjoying the burg, as I’d have hated to be partly responsible for landing you with a class that wasn’t fun for you!

    In my experience the burg only gets more awesome once you get over 50.

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