Starbound: Hunting iron and coal, again

Starbound character select screen

I waited until after this last patch to get back into Starbound because I knew a total wipe was coming and I didn’t feel like playing more knowing it’d be all gone soon. Such is the joys of beta, I just wasn’t feeling it. Once the patch was pushed I eagerly started the game up and set out to collecting wood. I knew I’d need leathers, alien meat, food, bandages (they’re a new system but I don’t get it … they work just like they did before) and ores. Lots of ores! I’m hunting iron and coal again but, as I did before, I keep distracting myself. I’ll go down to the planet specially to hunt with my bow or chop trees down. Then I’ll notice a bit of iron just under the surface and I’ll dig just a little because I need iron. The next thing I know I’ve got 3000 blocks of dirt in my bags, supper needs to be started and I’m NO WHERE NEAR THE SURFACE! Sometimes you can mine out the background block (by right clicking with the matter manipulator or your pick) and open up a hole big enough to cause your teleport button to appear on the screen. Sometimes, though, that doesn’t work.

I just want to dig and dig and see what’s under there!

Starbound inventory, lightweight on the ore

I’ve done a lot of digging, mining, whatever it’s called but I don’t have a lot of ore to show for it. I’ve made two pieces of scavenger gear (the 2nd set that requires the piece from the first set), the distress beacon and I’ve got my ‘home’ and garden on my ship. I haven’t done a lot of much else, however, and keep telling myself to just go surface hunt for meat and leather. Hasn’t happened yet but it will. I have the iron bow now and although I can’t aim for crap now (sure it’s just me but seemed easier before the patch) I kill much faster with this bow than the first one you can craft. My starting planet has trees with giant roses on them but the trees don’t drop roses. They do drop seeds you can plant for more trees (assuming, haven’t tried it yet) and something gave me a couple of grapes. Wasn’t paying attention so no clue what it was. Would love grape seeds!

Next time I go in I need to gather with intent, or a purpose, in mind instead of just dilly-dallying everywhere. BUT IT’S FUN TO DILLY-DALLY IN STARBOUND! Oooh, that should be the name of my next character, Dilly Dally the Doofus! I could rock that.

I haven’t tried anything other than single-player so far but I hear it’s a lot of fun to play with others. I’m having a blast playing by myself though so no rush. How do you play Starbound?


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  1. Yeah, I don’t get the “new system” with bandages and whatnot either. They work exactly the same for me too. As to how I play Starbound, it’s half by myself and half with my husband. I’m thrilled to pieces that they seem to have fixed the transporter issue that was driving me nuts for a good while; not fully trusting that this is the absolute last time they’ll wipe everything (I mean that could have just meant they’re going to keep every character until we get to beta 2). So I’ve been writing down notes about characters I’d like to keep around and restart if they get wiped.

    • Best I recall they did leave it a slight bit vague on another wipe but said, I think, there wouldn’t be another full wipe. Was thinking that might mean what’s on your ship wouldn’t be wiped? Dunno.

      Good idea to take notes!

  2. So when you dig, you put the dirt in your bags? Do you have to carry it to the surface to deposit it?

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