Super Mario 3D World: So full of AWESOME!

Last Friday was my birthday and my daughter gave me a most awesome present, Super Mario 3D World! It’s so full of win I can’t even! I love Mario games about as much as I love Donkey Kong games, and that’s a TON. Wednesday I was finally able to sit down and play a bit, enough to clear the first course. Woot!

Captain Toad Goes Forth mini game


You have to save the Sprixie’s Bowser has taken hostage and in order to enter Bowser’s keep you have to pay an entry fee with green stars you collect across the game. The above screen shot is from a mini game in the first course called Captain Toad Goes Forth. You play this game as Toad, only, he can’t jump and there are a few baddies in the way. You clear the min game when you have all five of the green stars collected. You can rotate the floating island around as you run so you can see where you’re going but what made this level stand out for me was this. There’s a platform on the backside of this structure (can’t see it from this screenie) and once you’re standing on it, you freaking BLOW on the game pad (the mic actually) to make the platform raise so you can get to the top-level!! How flippin’ cool is that?

There’s a map on the first course where you ride a friendly dragon (?) named Plessie as she takes you across the water collecting rings and stars as you go. Was very reminiscent of Wave Race, a game I played the heck out of back in the day. Plessie and I may not be on speaking terms at the moment but I did finally beat the level. She’s super easy to steer right off the side of the course. ARG.

My favorite scene out of the whole first course was Bowser’s entrance! Check out his sweet stinkin’ ride!

Super Mario 3D World car for Bowser


I’d totally race in that car! Even though it’s purple! I couldn’t beat Bowser as plain ole’ Mario but with the cat suit? Oh yeah, he went DOWN! I’m excited to play more of this game and am SOOOO glad I got this for my birthday. I hinted and flat said I wanted it for Christmas and, even though I was a little disappointed in not getting it then, I has it now! WOOT!


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