Sims 3: The Grim Reaper Cometh

… for zee dog! Tramp Moonbeam, after a nice long walk to the park and back, was paid a visit by the Grim Reaper.

Bonehilda training the ghost dog


I’ve had issues with Bonehilda this go round. She doesn’t take care of the baby more so than block everyone’s access to the baby while she stands over little Evie and just stares. No changing of diapers, feeding, playing, … just stands there and stares. She also wastes NO time putting food in the fridge before everyone can eat. What she excelled at, however, was training Tramp. It was probably because she got tired of mopping up the puddles he made in his old age but every day you’d find her some where, training Tramp to sit. Shouldn’t have surprised me at all that she’d continue doing so after he passed.

I hadn’t given much thought to a pet dying as I’ve been waiting for Conner to kick the bucket. Dude’s gonna live forevah! Ethel, a rather successful young author if I do say so myself, is also a natural cook. She made a wonderful meal of (I forget) and as soon as Ranni was done eating she stood, turned white and behind her popped the Grim Reaper. I was ready for her to go so I’d have one less Sim to look after but this go round I wanted Conner to die first. Oh wells.

Grim Reaper comes for Ranni


They still had 15 minutes of mourning for old Tramp when Ranni passed. The first time I tried the legacy challenge I remember Conner dying before the mourning was over for Ranni. I have a feeling the Moonbeam household is going to be in perpetual mourning for a while yet. See that old lady in the blue gown? See that hot young guy in the swimming trunks? She’s his wife, the mother of my third generation. I knew that relationship happened to fast for a reason. She neglected to tell him she’d morph into an old lady a day or two after giving birth. DESPERATION MUCH? I think she’s 80 right now where as Conner is 90. It won’t hurt my feelings a bit if she bites it already.






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