Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage tips

mop buckets around the mop dispenser


I’ve learned a few helpful tips while playing Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage. I really like this game, so much so I plan on getting Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior. That said, items getting stuck under the floor is a bit frustrating and I’m hoping that it’s fixed by the time I get the other. Trapped items can prevent you from getting achievement objectives and NOTHING is worse than knowing you’ve cleaned EV_ER_REE_THING and still, no achievement. GAH! It’s a wonder I don’t have a big purple bruise on my forehead from all the (figurative) head-slamming I did on my desk trying to earn the big three cleaning achievements.

Speaking of, I lost one because of lit TNT. I went to get a bucket of clean mop water from the dispenser and it gave me lit TNT instead. Not a problem as I’ve learned exactly what to do in that situation. You just drop the TNT down in a  bucket of mop water (clean or dirty) and it puts the fuse out. No BOOM! Only, when I grabbed it to drop it into a ready and waiting bucket of dirty mop water it somehow shot behind me, all the way across the room and blew the two main rooms for the elves to kingdom come. So. Much. Breaking. Glass (ornaments) was heard in that explosion.

I was not impressed.

What are the tips?

  • Keep your mop clean. When the mop looks as if it was dipped in a bucket of red paint or is that nasty grey color, clean it before you use it again. Cuts down on the mess if you clean the mop every three or four uses.
  • Move your mop bucket out of your walkways. If you’re bringing up a bin of bloody elf and deer parts from the basement (or down the stairs), you don’t want to knock over your bloody mop water. The less mess you make as you clean the faster it goes!
  • When you very first start the game go straight to the mop bucket dispenser (in the fireplace room) mopping bloody footprints as you go BEFORE you step in them. Mopping where you’re GOING to walk keeps the floors from becoming thick with blackish blood (because you’ve continually tracked it up).
  • Go ahead and get three or four buckets from the mop bucket dispenser and put a couple on each side of the dispenser. Swap them out with your dirty buckets as you get them so you’ll have a bucket of water at the ready for when the dispenser gives you lit TNT instead of water.
  • Put all TNT, lit and unlit, in buckets of water before placing them in the fireplace. Prevents them from exploding and breaking Christmas balls.
  • Go ahead and take full elf bodies and larger deer parts to the fireplace instead of putting them in the bins. The fewer bins you need (big parts fill them fast) the less chance you’ll have to clean all the bloody body parts the bin dispenser sometimes gives.
  • The bins can hold a lot of smaller things such as elf arms, sheets of paper, bullet shells, broken bottles, ….
  • If you have elf and or deer parts in the bin, especially hanging over the bin, and touch a wall, door, table, … while taking the bin to the fire, they’ll leave a bloody splattered mess on whatever they touched.
  • Move stools out of the walkways, too. Stinks dumping a bin full of elf parts on your clean floor!
  • When picking up body parts (or any mess) left click once you have them in your hands. This realigns them and, most of the time, makes it easier to carry them as they flop around less. This works wonders for the big antlers you have to carry upstairs!
  • Throw the Molotov cocktails in the basement (stable room) instead of burning them in the fire. They can’t damage anything (I use the very last stall where the light is beside the double doors) like they can when burning them in the fireplace. They will, however, soot the walls up so have mop water ready.

I finally got all the achievements for Viscera Cleanup Detail:Santa’s Rampage done. I hope these tips will be helpful to you. I have one last tip, one that helped me get the Christmas Crisis one. There are cheat codes. I had a mess (the scanner was showing it) that I could NOT FIND!!! I used the KillNearestNonMess (?) to take care of it. I’m not proud of using the cheat but … there you have it. I have over 30 hours into this game and, as much as I enjoy playing it, I’m looking forward to moving on to a different game for a bit while I wait to buy the Shadow Warrior one. (waiting for a sale and crossing fingers the ‘trapped under the floor’ bug is fixed)


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