My Raptr gaming summary

My Raptr gaming summary came in yesterday, something I don’t remember them doing before (but maybe I’ve just forgotten?) and I was eager to see my stats from 2013. Here goes.

My Raptr 2013 summary, general numbers


Ooh, look at the number of shiny pixel badges of awesomeness I earned! (If you earned more, shuddup :P)

Raptr summary, games I played


Sims 3 total hours is off. I was having problems with my pc and turned off a lot of unnecessary processes to see if that would keep my game from freezing. Probably didn’t do that more than a few weeks, but … I have, according to Steam, 67 hours in Starbound, 73 in Civ 5, …. Still, maybe it’s better that it couldn’t keep up with me, right?

Raptr summary, my achievements


What’s with the rarest badge of awesomeness? Why is that even rare?

‘Twas an interesting look back at 2013 and it is my hope that my summary for 2014 blows this one out of the water. I R GAMER, HERE ME ROAR!


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