Sims 3: Generation three HAS HAPPENED

newer family portrait for Sims 3

It’s been months since I played Sims 3! That wasn’t intentional but I think a break was a good thing and, here lately, I’ve been longing to play again. I started up the game and went to work on getting my Legacy family to generation three. My original sim, Ranni Moonbeam had four children and although two of them were working adults, they weren’t having the best of luck getting a boy/girl friend, let alone a spouse. I tried getting the sim Ezra liked to come over but he flat refused. After the fourth refusal I switched gears and looked through Eddie’s contacts and picked a gal named Lucy (Stamper?). She came over and, I kid you not, they not only made friends but married a few hours later AND got generation three started. ALL IN ONE SIM AFTERNOON! HOLY MOLEY!

I guess when it’s meant to be time is irrelevant.

Ranni decided to retire so she could work on her very successful Sci-Fi books. She’s over halfway through the elder stage with her husband, Conner, not too far behind. Eddie is a soccer star but also a budding cook, something Ranni usually does, so I figure Ranni and Conner can go ahead and die any day now. Please. I’d like a smaller house hold to run! Eddie befriended a stray cat and invited the cat to come inside. Magscat was such a sweet cat, very loving and self-sufficient but Ranni had to ask the cat to leave after several family members, herself included, were infected with fleas. They’ve given Tramp, an adopted dog, three flea baths so far but the infections are still happening, just not as frequently. That’s a bummer.

Newly minted sim adults

Before I called it quits for the evening Ranni and Conner’s twins Ethel and Eli grew up! Ethel is taking after her mom and dad and is an aspiring author (who gets paid twice as much as they do for her chapters! Wut?) and Eli is going to be the biggest, most famous rock star the Sims has ever seen. He’s quite gifted with the guitar and has already been hired out to sing several telegrams.

I added an upstairs to the house to give Ethel and Eli their own rooms, make a larger living/entertainment room and to give Ethel and Eli’s old room to baby Evie. Eddie and Lucy had a girl! Woot! It’s my hope that I’ll soon be posting a picture of Ranni and Conner’s grave stones. I’ll say this for Conner … he was the only one to go feed Evie and rock her to sleep after she was born. Everyone else, her parents included, were just to busy doing other things. I decided Bonehilda would be a great purchase and promptly plunked down the simoleans so she can help out with the baby AND keep the house clean. With Ranni retired and Conner near the end of his life, the kids had better start bringing in more moolah fast. The upgrade to the house, plain though it may be, cost them a fortune!


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