On the hunt for achievements!

Rapr and Steam screen shot of achievements

I finally got the last achievement in Testament of Sherlock Holmes and doing so, for me, was exciting! So now I’m on the hunt for achievements! I need two more to finish achievements for Faerie Solitaire and have been working on them but … whoo boy. I only need to find one more egg, hatch and evolve it and I’m DONE! I’ve got around 30 hours into the game, however, and the randomly appearing egg is NOT appearing. I went to the discussion forums for the game on Steam and saw where some are hitting upwards of 50 hours played time before finding that last egg.

Holy freaking eggman!

When I logged for the night Raptr popped up to tell me how long I’d played. I noticed the blurb about how many more hours I needed to play so I could be the number one player on Raptr. Look at this …

Raptr screenshot for Faerie Solitaire time played


Can y’all see that?? Says someone has put in over 700 hours!!! How long has this game been out? And if that was to find the last egg then I don’t want it. I love this game but … holy cow. I think, after reading what others have said about how long it takes to find the last pet (egg), that I’ll not put in a ton of time hunting for it but, instead, play some other games I’ve been jonesing to get back into. Like, LotRO! Starbound! Viscera Clean Up Detail (Santa)! I want so badly to make today a game day but my dining room is missing and I must clean and clear all the stuff (and by *stuff* I mean LOADS and LOADS of *stuff*!) out so I can find our table again. /Sigh

Although, I don’t really mind eating at my desk some days ….


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