Rogue Legacy: Easier with a controller

Lady Teresa from Rogue Legacy


My son and his wife decided to fix a problem I’ve had and gift me with the wireless USB dongle thingy so I can use a controller when playing games on my computer. TOTAL. AWESOMESAUCE! This is how I came to find that Rogue Legacy is easier to play with a controller than keyboard and mouse. Don’t get me wrong, I still die a TON and have yet to see a boss, but! I made it further through the castles when playing last weekend than I did the last time I played. Woot! Progress, baby!

I played as quite a few children (because I kept dying) and had to stop and ponder on Lady Teresa. My (real) name isn’t Ranni (I know, shocker!) but, instead, Teresa. I don’t see many Teresa’s in the games I play so I had to take a picture of my namesake for posterity. Thinking I killed her super quick but, hey, who cares, I’m in a game!

Know what I don’t like about Rogue Legacy? Not earning enough coin to buy upgrades and having to fork it all over to get back into the castle. What gives? I needed 110 coins for something and only had 90. You make coin pretty quickly in game but I had to give all 90 of them to that black hooded ghosty guy guarding the door so I could go back in and earn more. I do not like him at all and that certainly isn’t conducive to upping my gear. Suppose if I didn’t die so easily it wouldn’t matter as much, but still.

Playing with a controller keeps me from trying to remember how to jump down and has saved my skin a few times because I’m not looking for key combos on my keyboard instead of watching the flying flame balls on the screen so I can dodge them. That helps! I was starting to get better, going further up and over and around with each new child when I had to stop playing for the night. Figures. I’m excited to see my first boss and feel it’s going to happen. Soon!  My son has beaten “several” bosses, he said. I think he’s just a braggart, really.

I will prevail, though, thanks to my new dongle thingy (honestly not sure what it’s called but it’s Microsoft and, as long as I unplug the 360 first, allows me to connect our wireless 360 controllers to my computer), and will OWN this game! Ha!


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