Giveaway update: Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The giveaway for Testament of Sherlock Holmes is closed and winners have been notified! Woot!

I learned a few things from hosting my first giveaway and will use them to make future giveaways run a bit smoother. Like, for instance, using the correct calendar when planning starting and ending dates! Did no one notice that? I certainly didn’t until I went to draw a winner using the random number generator. I sat, staring at my post, wondering why all the dates were “a day” off when it hit me. I used a 2013 calendar when planning the giveaway instead of a 2014 one.

I R Smart like that.

I also saw that I failed to mention the giveaway ended in CST (central standard time) and, given I have readers from around the world, that just wasn’t cool. Apologies! Another thing I learned is that Steam may very well put the game you’re giving away on a CRAZY AWESOME sale while you’re running said giveaway. Talk about timing! Had I known it was going on sale I would have timed the giveaway to end far sooner so you could go ahead and buy it rather than waiting to see if you won it (and then missing the sale. ARG.)

I’m not sure I liked the giveaway being ‘open’ as long as it was. I found it hard to wait that long to give someone this game!! This one was open for about six days and I’m wondering if a shorter time frame would be better. (going to run a poll on this post about this very issue so if you’re in a reader, click over to the site so you can view the poll)

In light of my errors in the dates and ending time I decided to grab another copy of the game (which is where I thank Steam for that crazy sale!) and use the random number generator to pick a second winner. The first winner was Claire (check your email!) and the second was Countess Celbel! Congrats, guys!

Now for zee poll. (Ohhh, now I see why the first poll I ran never closed. I didn’t come back and close it. /Dolt)


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  1. Live and learn, it was an awesome idea! And I’m just thrilled about winning!

  2. I voted 5-7 days, by which I meant 7 days. Mainly because my brain can grasp the concept of something that runs for a week, but is not necessarily up to dealing with any newfangled custom timeframes.

    Also imagine the gnashing of teeth if you checked your feed only to discover a juicy giveaway had come and gone while you weren’t looking!

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