Testament of Sherlock Holmes: I want that last achievement!!

Sherlock investigating a garden

Investigating a garden in Kensington Garden


I finished this game MONTHS ago but found, when I was done, that I was missing the blackmailer achievement (via Steam) and figured I’d get around to getting it later. Well, later has happened. Almost. I started playing again yesterday and went with a fresh game for a couple of reasons. I absolutely LOVE this game! The artwork is beautiful, the story compelling and I really enjoy solving mysteries via point and click adventures. Also, I wanted to see if I’d missed anything from my first play through.

I’d forgotten just how hard Frogwares made some of the puzzles and had to pull up a guide again to save my sanity. This is, hands down, my favorite of these types of games and even though I had to play it with no sound (don’t advise doing that as the voice and music in game are exceptional) I still found myself immersed in the story. I’d planned on just clicking through everything as my goal was to only get that last achievement but it’s such a wonderful experience I abandoned the idea as silly and jumped back in to an old school London and pretended I was a silent partner in another Sherlock Holmes adventure.

I found that sometime between my having finished this game months and months ago and now Steam has added trading cards for this game. How awesome! I earned my four random drops and used the market to get the rest of the set and crafted my Sherlock badge. I not only got an awesome background for my Steam profile (that I’m totally not using, yet) but it also gave me the *cutest* emoticon!

Steam chat emote for books

The :books: emote


My only issue with the emoticon is that it’s SO TINY the details don’t come through when using it in chat. Bummer!

Anyway, if you’re familiar with the game I stopped and saved after finishing up with Toby and am headed to a jail (’cause I did them out-of-order … haha). I have to talk to Danny a second time to get the blackmailer achievement but I don’t remember talking to her a first time. I did see her talking to someone else so maybe that counts? I’m loving the nods to other Sherlock tales that have been woven throughout the game and playing again is making me that much more excited for the next installment in the Sherlock Series, Crimes and Punishments.  Honestly can not WAIT to get my hands on that one!

OH! When I went to pull the Steam page for this game to link it I saw it’s on sale, 50% off!!! Guys, you should TOTALLY GET THIS GAME!!


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  1. I can only see the small preview from the inventory window but that does look like a nice background you got. The emoticon is neat, too.

  2. Don’t really like graphics that much from what I can see, but maybe I’ll actually take your advice and get this game. Seems like the story/puzzles are intriguing, something I can really enjoy in a game. And Steam emoticons? I didn’t even know they existed! Thanks for writing this and inspiring me. ^^

    • I enjoyed the graphics a lot. The new Sherlock that comes out this year will be on the Unreal Engine (if I’m remembering correctly) and from the looks of the trailer, everything has gotten a face lift!

      I didn’t know Steam emoticons existed either until I crafted a badge back over the holidays, lol. They’re cute!

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