Viscera Clean Up Detail:Santa’s Rampage

I picked this game up through a Steam sale last week thinking ‘Hey, a Santa game!’. If you’ve ever played any of the Viscera Clean Up Detail janitor sims you’re probably already laughing at me. I downloaded the game and installed it but didn’t get around to trying it out until last night. I’ll tell you why I really wanted to play it … I’d seen a couple people on a G+ Steam group talking about the game and one said something about there being “so much elf blood!”. That right there intrigued me! I don’t like elves because they’re such snooty whiny perfect beings who groan on and on about gloom and doom. And then still have the balls to act all better than you! The nerve! Even though in this game it’s Santa’s elves rather than the Middle Earth variety I wanted to see elf gore!

Viscera Clean Up Detail: Santa’s Rampage does not disappoint!

While playing my kids were disturbed by what they saw on the screen. My husband said he wasn’t sure what was more disturbing, that someone actually made this game or that his wife was enjoying playing it. I gave him my best evil cackle in return. The story behind the gore is that Santa finally snapped and went bat-crap crazy on his poor worker elves. You start the game as the janitor hired to clean up the mess. And whoo_doggies what a mess it is! After seeing the lengths of Santa’s depraved rage I was curious as to what could have caused my favorite icon in the entire world to go on such a bloody rampage. I think I found my answer when cleaning his office.

Note to Santa about an impending lawsuit

The last straw!

I couldn’t read the whole letter given how I picked it up but I read enough. You should see what he did to his poor reindeer! OMG.

I never did clean all the mess up but I did get better about using the biohazard buckets to move multiple items to the fire (you burn the mess up to clean it up) and I finally realized that walking through bloody messes to mop them up only made the floors worse. I tracked bloody footprints ALL OVER Santa’s workshop! Steam has several achievements for this game and, currently, I’m working towards earning them. I may, at some point, actually get the workshop all cleaned up but I’m not holding my breath. There’s a lot of mess to clean!

This game may have creeped my family out but I had fun playing and I’m glad I picked it up. Runestorm used the Unreal Development kit to build this physics based game. You can play solo, go multi player, host your own game or, for a sandbox twist, do what you want. I’ve only tried solo play and doubt I could talk my kids into playing a game of this with me. Still, nice to have that option, no?


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  1. I saw when you bought this so I checked out the store page, it looked intriguing but I wasn’t sure how much fun it would be but it sounds like it’s quite a bit of fun. I might have to get it myself.

  2. I just bought it, along with two other games. 🙂

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