Faerie Solitaire: Hatching pet eggs!

I’ve been hearing the name “Faerie Solitaire” a bit the last few months and added the game to my Steam wish list some time back. People who played it said it was a lot of fun and the idea of earning pets as you play solitaire was intriguing! I finally bought the game last night, via the Steam Holiday Sale, and gave it a go.


Faerie Solitaire card faces, cute pets!

Faerie Solitaire card faces

Had I known exactly what this game was like and how well designed it was I wouldn’t have waited for a sale to pick it up. I regularly go to CNN games and play a game similar to this called Fairway Solitaire by Big Fish Games because I *LOVE* the game play. It’s not your ordinary solitaire and provides more of a challenge to complete levels, not winning a “perfect” on a level unless you’ve used all the cards in your foundation deck. Faerie Solitaire by Subsoap is, as you may have guessed, themed in a world of Faeries complete with story, Faeries in distress (and in need of rescue), magical resources you can find and pet eggs you can hatch and evolve as you play solitaire. The one on CNN games has a golf motif (and is very cute in its on right).

A storyboard from the Faerie Solitaire game

Storyboard from the game

Completing levels in game advances the story of the Faeries and their hero who narrates most of the story. They have a few voice actors and, so far, I’ve heard the old wizard like character talk to our hero for his part of the story. If I’m understanding this correctly the card faces are the pets you can hatch and evolve as you play through the levels. There are, I believe, eight levels of pet types ranging from very common to rare. I’ve found four or five pet eggs so far. Other game mechanics include thorny bushes blocking access to a stack of cards (you have to use all the cards in a stack under a rose to release the thorns and gain access to the hidden stack) and ice and fire cards where using a fire card melts the ice on the ice cards so you can access the stack(s) that were blocked by ice. Combinations are, as expected, a great thing and I took a screenshot of my 16 card combo to brag here on the old blog. Then I beat that with a 17 card combo and figured I’d just tell you about my awesome combo skills instead.

I do not yet understand the way the resources you collect as you play work to evolve your pets. I went into the pet UI and moused over one of my pets to see what was needed to evolve it. It looked, to me, as if I had more than enough of the three required resources to evolve to the next level but the button wasn’t lit up for me. I wonder if that’s a collective total of each resource that I’ve gathered rather than ‘this is how much you can use’ total?

Anyway, it’s a SUPER cute game and I didn’t realized I’d been playing for several hours until I looked at the clock and saw it was 3AM. My addiction to pixelated accomplishment is GOING STRONG! I want to jump in right now and play a few hands but I have chores I really need to get done and I know I won’t if I click that “Play” button. /Sigh



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