LotRO: Wild Speculation

Kate Paiz said, in her Executive Producers letter, that there’s a secret surprise in store for LotRO but didn’t give a lot of details.

We are working on one more secret surprise, but I won’t do more than tease its existence now, other than to say that the class changes have made it possible for us to consider making a new addition to the game… which we will talk about later in the year. – Quoted from “A letter from Executive Producer Kate Paiz, looking ahead to 2014

I thought I would share some of my ideas as to what this secret could be.

  1. A new dungeon in the Old Forest for 12 man raids where Tom Bombadil is the final boss. Finally, we’ll see that fairy-footed being for who he REALLY is.
  2. Skirmish arenas for Creeps vrs Freeps in real world environments, such as Angmar, Forochel and the Trollshaws.
  3. An Engineer class who specializes in building traps and torture pits specifically for the hungry Hobbit at the Hobbiton bridge and Sara Oakheart.
  4. A new hobby: Lawn darts where we use Dwarfs in spikey helms as darts.
  5. Middle Earth style Elf Bowling. Look out, Elrond, we’re coming. Payback!
  6. Ent class. Just because. I’d roll one.
  7. Mini Games: Knock the poop out of Radagast’s hair! Or, Pin the tail on the WarSteed as he lags and slingshots all over Rohan.
  8. Arena fighting the mad bloody bunny in Enedwaith.
  9. Gollum class for the ‘Moors.

So what do you think this secret surprise could be?


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  1. New cook recipes for 1st age Legendary Pies that can be reforged with new fillings, crusts, and toppings!

  2. Legendary Pie, now there’s an idea I can get behind!

    • Makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook, really. Only, I’d have to clean up the mess I made and I’m feeling rather lazy today.

      • Pies are the one thing that I don’t know how to cook but sometimes think “Hey, that would be good to learn!” Prob because the topic of pies come up so often in LOTRO. 🙂

        But I fear leveling up my pie-making skills to a satisfactory state would take too long.

  3. The secret is they lost all the data for the Bounders Statue…so they are going to have to do it all again…

  4. there are so many bugs on this game, even a pathetic model texture error.

    class? expansions?

    fixe this old hag!

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