LotRO: Blegba the Burg

I asked you guys to vote on the class I was going to roll afresh in LotRO and you DID! Over the weekend I logged in (first time since HD I believe) and created a hobbit burglar named Blegba. I used the random generator for her name (clicked the button several times before finding one I could pronounce) and her appearance. I did tweak her hair color as any hobbit I create MUST have red hair and I changed her hairstyle. Once she was created Blegba joined the effort to save Archet.

Blegba the Hobbit Burglar

Blegba the Burglar

She’s not much on reading and clicked through most of the quest texts before I realized what she was doing. I think we were on our way to the Hunter’s Lodge before it suddenly hit me that she obviously had never learned to read and so I made a point to read the quest text aloud to her. One must enjoy the story in a story driven MMO, right? Lest you think Blegba isn’t too bright she was quick to ask what the point of class trainers are, past the obvious very early quest of ‘training a new skill’, anymore when skills are auto granted and placed in your skill bars when you level? We waxed nostalgic for a bit on how exciting it was in days of old when we were able to find a class trainer and purchase our newly earned skills ourselves. Those were the days!

When Blegba got on to me for wasting time pinning for what was we decided to leave the Hunter’s Lodge and go check the wall behind Archet to make sure it was solid and secure, a great means of defense amidst the growing rumble of trouble ahead. A tired hunter called out and offered a sage bit of advise to catch a quick nap and rest up before venturing any further. Sound words indeed and Blegba took immediate advantage of a single bedroll laid out ready for weary travelers right in the front room of the lodge. She may have laid down an innocent lassie who’d never learned to read but she awoke shaken to the core and, if I may, perhaps a bit more mature.

Galadriel, the royal Elven wife of Lord Celeborn, came to Blegba in a dream-like state and rocked poor Blegba to the core! ‘Tis not an easy task to rock a hobbit to his or her core as they are very solid folk with cores as stout as any other! Blegba told me that Galadriel not only showed her glimpses of impending worry but told her the reason for the dream visit was because she’d seen Blegba her very self in her mysterious mirror of the ‘morrow! How could someone so old and wise and powerful know of a poor little hobbit lass trying to thieve make her way across Middle Earth? This knowledge that she’d been known to Galadriel for some time shook poor Blegba hard and she immediately went back to Jon Brackenbrook and returned the small parcel of bread she’d nipped from his pocket when he wasn’t looking.

Blegba marched out of that lodge with a renewed focus and her head held high as she made her way through a myriad of spiders to check on the Archet wall. We found a poor lad entombed in spider webs not far from the wall and Blegba surprised me when she decided NOT to pick his pockets. A more mature Blegba indeed was born in that Hunter’s Lodge! She did make me chuckle, however, later on when she found she’d been rewarded with Destiny for her improvements. Her face lit up as she called them sparklies with a smile from ear to ear. I asked her what she’d ever find to use them for but she scoffed at my critique of her newly found treasure. Burglars are a funny bunch!

She wasted no time in running to home to The Shire to rub her new sparklies in Lobelia’s face. Lobelia was so enraged at this perceived one-uppence that she sent poor Blegba all over and back and forth, running petty chores to reassert her self imposed dominance over young bright faced hobbits like Blegba. She’d had such a huge day of adventure it flat wore Blegba out and I decided to leave her be, napping near the banks of the Brandywine, as I went in search of grub for my own supper.

Trait tree, Quiet Knife spec

Quiet Knife spec in trait tree

After much discussion on the merits of each Blegba and I decided to run the Quiet Knife spec in the trait trees. So far she’s earned two points but only spent one. I don’t know what I think of this system yet but time will tell I suppose. Hoping to take her from lvl 11 up to lvl 15  in my next play session.




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  1. Oh this naughty hobbit tale is good!

  2. Have had more fun than I expected on her so far. She’s lvl 12 I think but looking forward to playing her. 🙂

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