Starbound: How do you start the Robot Boss?

A couple of patches ago I was having a seriously easy time fighting everything I encountered so I decided to try the Penguin UFO boss again. I bet him in no time flat and only used one bandage! I had enough materials to make the distress beacon that summons the UFO boss again because I assumed I’d try and fail just as I had the first couple of times. Excited and most impressed with my OP self I wanted to try this Robot Boss I keep hearing about. Thing is, I don’t know where to go or what to do to even start that mission.

I understand you have to build a robot to get to the boss (or the robot becomes the boss?) but how do you get blueprints or a recipe for the robot parts?? Also, what do you use the molten core the UFO boss dropped for? I know it’s for something I just can’t find a single thing that uses it. Makes me feel like I fail as a gamer a bit because I’m so lost in Starbound at the moment. I wondered if maybe what I needed dropped in a chest somewhere so I set off in search of new places looking for ores, wood, cool decorations, awesome weapons and, of course, chests to loot.

I had enough coal pieces in my fuel tank to explore the galaxy a bit so I set off in search of my epic loots. I wasn’t the least bit wary of finding anything I couldn’t kill because I was so OP. Every single planet I visited, however, proved to me that I had been mistaken, that I was NOT really OP in any sense of the word (except on my home planet) and so I made a point to gather a butt-ton of vines to make bandages with. (Think one of the patch notes said that leaving the planet you were on before the patch may cause you to lose a bit of your epicness but I hadn’t realized exactly what that meant until I went exploring.) The new weapon stats when they made the switch to DPS were ridiculously high on my first planet but after a patch the numbers were lowered considerably. The good thing in the ‘renumbering’ was that my legendary weapon was suddenly worth using again (I’d replaced it with a nice fat 2-handed axe). I’d lost my bubble blowing sword in the beta character wipe but had found one that shoots fireballs of glory and I’ve been using it ever since.

Eyeball Carver sword

It’s called the Eyeball Carver

Once I realized I wasn’t as powerful as I had been I adjusted my play-style and stopped dying as much. I’ve found so much awesome on other planets: ground blocks made up of skulls and bones, flesh, the Apex OBEY Monkey poster, more potted plants for decoration, magma rock (which, I HATE! Takes a lot longer to mine through it!) and mushroom trees!

Mushroom trees

Mushroom trees!

What I haven’t found are any planets above a threat level of one (probably a good thing) or any chests or drops with robot building plans in them. Do I need the metalworking station first? Would make sense and, if so, WHERE DO YOU GET THAT??? I find myself asking the Five Ws a lot. Where do I go? What do I do next? When will I find another quest or boss plan? Why can’t I find any plutonium? Who do I have to do to get answers? Even the sixth, How can I fight the next boss if I don’t know how to start building him? It’s frustrating but what makes it worse is my distractability when I find something new and, in Starbound, you’re always finding something new.

Like this Nove Poker weapon I found on, I believe, a moon somewhere.

Nova Poker effect

Cool weapon effects

I want to test my mettle against the Robot Boss but I’m clueless as to how to make that happen. I’ve found material lists for building said robot but I haven’t yet found any help in my Googling this subject to point me in the direction of getting started. I have so many unanswered questions about Starbound   and when I set out to find those answers myself by exploring around, I get distracted. I think I need to write them down and hit Google again rather than loading up the game. Let me see a shiny diamond hidden in rock somewhere and by the time I remember I was going to look for chests I have half a bag of all sorts of ores ready for smelting. I say all sorts but understand that means coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron, platinum and silver. I haven’t found any of the cool ones yet.

Speaking of storage, I have the big ship storage compartment almost full of mostly housing decoration type items. I’ve been meaning to settle somewhere and build a house so I can unload some of this stuff but I keep looking for this elusive Robot boss instead! ARG.



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  1. The first thing you need to do is get a Metalworking Station. To make this, you’ll need the molten core you got from the first boss, an anvil, and some pixels at a crafting table. You need to use this to make the starmap Mk 2 Upgrade which requires 5 iron bars and some pixels. When you use this, you will be able to travel to the beta sector of your galaxy, as well as craft a bunch of new items. The robot parts are mainly steel (iron bars + coal) and pixels, but the head requires a brain. you’ll need to craft a gun using pixels and steel, which when you kill monsters it extracts their brain. Kill a big enough monster with it and it will drop a superior brain (I think, if not idk how to help you.) use that to make the brain, then craft the robot, and summon the robot boss.

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