Gamer’s Secret Santa: The Hobbit Board Game

Stargrace at MmoQuests runs Gamer’s Secret Santa  and I’ve been fortunate to participate for three years now. It’s SUCH a fun way of exchanging a secret Santa gift with fellow gamers you may not have had a chance to “meet” otherwise were it not for Stargrace and I look forward to this exchange every year. My Secret Santa sent his gift and it arrived yesterday. Check this out!

The Hobbit Board Game

The Hobbit Board Game

He sent me The Hobbit Board Game!! I showed this to my husband last night at dinner and we agreed this is perfect. We are a competitive bunch and although we’ve gotten out of the habit of playing board games on a regular basis (so sad but …) we love a good game night where we can gather round the table and play a new game. I’m just hoping that now that my kids are grown (my youngest is 16 going on 40) we won’t have to hunt for pieces that have been misplaced. When my boys were little they would take their favorite Monopoly pieces and hide them so no one else could be the dog or the car or the hat. Really stunk when they couldn’t remember where they hid them!

Thank you SO much, Jason Pounsett!! One of my sons remarked that he can’t wait to play this when all the kids are home for Christmas. Will be awesome! Jason writes for Ooo, shiny! and writes a lot about his tabletop gaming. Check him out!


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  1. You are quite welcome! I hope you enjoy it a lot 😀 It is one we don’t own yet but I have my eye on it. I am sure you’ll have lots of fun 🙂

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