Starbound: I need iron

I decided, finally, after a massive binge session today, to go ahead and do my next quest in Starbound only I found I need iron. Badly. And lots of it. No problem, I’ll just go mine some.


I’ve found lots of copper and coal but iron? Not so much. Wishing now I hadn’t wasted iron making these cute little iron lanterns and the iron door you see in my first dwelling.

My first building

Home sweet home

Notice that super cool looking furnace? The tall stone one? I took that from a dwelling on another planet in my quest to find iron. I was mining when I noticed there were NPCs in a house of sorts so I thought I’d go introduce myself. The purple robed character let out a yell, saying “Death to heathens” (IIRC) and then tried to kill me. That’s why I took his furnace. And the ball and chain, water bucket and burlap sack. Doesn’t pay to try and kill me! (unless you’re a stupid monkey)

What was I doing again? Oh yeah, I need iron!

I decided to visit a Moon right by my home planet to look for iron there. Whoo, was it ever cold on the Moon. I had to put campfires by my feet so I could stay long enough to mine anything. It wasn’t long before I decided my best chances for iron were on my home planet so I headed back with the intention to find the iron I needed. I was almost done with this when I realized I was, yet again, goofing off doing other things.

Made a 'home' at my spawn location.

Made a ‘home’ at my spawn location.

That’s the funny thing about Starbound. There’s so much you can do it’s very easy to get sidetracked, off task! At some point I realized I wasn’t finding much iron and gave the ‘Threat level 6’ planet near my home planet a try. I died so fast to whatever that was on the planet I ran home crying for my mama! That level means business! I’m still 16 bars short of the iron I need and after finding a couple of big monsters at night that I couldn’t kill, maybe that’s a good thing. The iron I need is for the beacon quest and I’m thinking that might be what spawns the UFO I keep hearing about. The latest patch notes say they’re bumping the UFO boss down from a level 10 to a level 9. I should probably wait. I’m not exactly sure what I should wait for but there must be something to help me fight harder. The weapon I’m using dropped off of a night-time monster. The icon was ringed in purple and the sword shoots bubbles with each swing that cause the mob I’m fighting to ‘bounce back’ a little bit. Super sweet sword! I have equipped three pieces of armour but I’ve seen that the next step up in terms of armour requires the three pieces I’m wearing as a listed mat to make them. Think they also need iron.


I’ve put in way too many hours already into Starbound. It’s the most polished and ready-to-play beta I’ve ever experienced. The only issue I’ve had was when I exited the game the last time tonight. It hung but my computer is older and I’ve had that same problem with a lot of programs when my computer has been on too long without a reboot. The game plays, for me, flawlessly! The devs are fast to respond and the patches are coming, like they said, thick and hard. (think that’s how they worded it) I was expecting log-in queue issues, crashes, glitchy/missing textures, …. typical beta stuff but so far I haven’t found any that I’ve recognized. Chucklefish is addressing concerns and ‘wishlists’ of the players and seem to be as excited as I am about Starbound. Very glad I bought into this one!

Now, if I could just find that iron I need ………..




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  1. Hey, nice, you’re beta-ing there too! My husband and I both agree with you on the smoothness of the game. It’s going amazingly well, we think. He’s gotten someone out as far as Delta Quadrant so far; I’ve seen a flesh planet there once when he brought me out there on a multiplayer game. It was pretty impressive. Lol, I’m going at my usual slow-paced gaming thing so I’m wandering around Beta just now, with my hapless voyager Harvey who just discovered an acid-rain jungle world. Love it!

  2. Oh yeah, my husband says with regard to acid rain, the only defense he’s found other than a travel shack or digging in, is to build a wall in front of the rain (since acid rain always falls diagonally)

  3. Nick_the_teenage_sephiroth

    (call me a cheater but that’s the whole point of beta testing to show bugs and exploits and how to prevent game breaking hacks)

    well I have a tip for the ufo boss “Cheat Engine” (even 1.6.3 will work) its very very easy to hack your pixles to 999,999,999 and buy a lot of guns. (I found an avian airship on a nearby moon) dual sub machine guns will work decently and you can go to town on it (but I recommend activating the beacon on the airship it got stuck for me) after you beat the ufo boss you unlock a smeltery and well guess what you need to build your next tier boss ) STEEL AND LOTS OF IT. and what do you need to make steel EVEN MORE IRON AND COAL!!!! (i assume you build the next tier boss which is a robot)

    (i wish iron was like coal and iron in minecraft common as the air we breathe)

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