Starbound: Exploring around

I bought the Starbound beta through the Humble Store because I love exploring my way around in new games. Matter of fact, I was down right giddy with excitement at the prospect of exploring around, so much so, I was one of the ones trying to “activate” the reward tier code for the sound track through Steam. (I R embarrassed) After a couple of failed attempts (doh) I figured the code wouldn’t be usable until the following day, when beta started. See, I’m smart like that.

Once I had my noggin screwed back on right and had properly gotten the correct Steam code and downloaded the beta, I jumped into Starbound eager to go exploring. And I did, explore. But I’ll be honest here. I spent much of my time saying, repeatedly, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do”. One of my sons was here and took an immediate interest in the game. He’s our resident Minecraft expert, the very one we turned to when my daughter found a creeper swimming around in the bowl of a gigantic toilet she built in Minecraft. She was unsure what to do (didn’t want to risk it blowing her commode to kingdom come, and upset that all I could do was laugh, especially after we found 3 skeleton archers swimming in the tank part.) and he always has the answer. True to form he started explaining to me that the darker or colored blocks under the surface were materials I wanted to mine so I could craft and build.

Which is when it dawned me on that I was playing a sandbox game. Swore I’d never do that after a very short-lived beta attempt for Minecraft in which I did as directed and dug, straight down and so far I couldn’t do anything else. I hit rock bottom with that game (or was it lava??) and hated it. Luckily, there’s a ton of “different” between Minecraft and Starbound.

The camera in Starbound is third-person view, not first. I want to see my avatar at all times!! I want to see her running, jumping, fighting and, as it were, dying and not ‘through her eyes’. There’s also a quest system in game, something I adore. I want to be given objectives and rewarded for my accomplishments! I stumbled on a library of logs explaining what had happened to cause my current ‘stranded with no fuel’ predicament.

Codex log

Codex log

The library also has a codex for understanding how to move around and do certain tasks in game. I found that one to be most helpful! My main objective, at the time, was to go exploring around and see everything I could on the planet I was orbiting over. That’s how I found the farting beavers and the monkeys that just don’t fight fair!

I died a lot.

I also died while I was AFK. I had no clue how that happened at first but my son caught the blip at the bottom of the screen telling me my character was feeling a bit peckish. “Oh, Mom, you have to eat. You might die if you don’t.” That’s when it hit me. I’d left the game running while I went to put the dogs out. Then I noticed how many dishes were accumulating on my counter top and started washing them. When I remembered I was in Starbound I got back to my desk in time to see myself regenerate. Since I’d already died once (stupid monkeys) I knew I’d died, just not why. I’m playing a human race character and when they die they’re ‘phased’ (?) back to life in a chamber. First phase is your skeleton, then your flesh, then your undies before you’re fully back to life. It’s very cute but not nearly as cute as the plant people’s ‘rebirth’. Stargrace recorded her first time playing and when she died, OMG at the cuteness in the plant people’s reanimation!

I wanted to build a house for the bed I’d crafted. Least, I think I crafted that bed. I crafted a ton of wooden blocks, smelted bars of ore, made a campfire and torches, …. I haven’t actually built any type of house yet but I have realized that if I go to bed (have the bed currently on my spaceship) it regens my health. Fight a monkey? TAKE A NAP! It saves your life!

napping after a monkey fight.

Napping after a Monkey fight.

I’ve learned to grow a garden thanks to @Cithryth and have made a loaf of bread. Woot! I almost have enough wheat to make my character a burger, too. The quest I currently have says to build an emergency beacon (since my crew is dead and my ship is in need of fuel) but states you should be ready for anything before doing so. I’m not. I’m still dying to those stupid monkeys, can’t find the anvil I thought I made and still have a lot of exploring around to do. I’m assuming this is my “home” planet since I haven’t moved my ship yet and am bound and determined to build a dwelling of some sort before I leave to explore other planets. This isn’t just a sandbox game. You can mine, forage, craft, build, explore, quest, kill things (I LOVE TO KILL THINGS!) and fly around through the stars. I noticed in Stargrace’s Twitch video that the stars turn to slashes when her ship speeds up. Warp speed ahead!


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  1. “Fight a monkey, take a nap!” – LOVE IT! Haha.

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