LotRO: A thieving we will go

Come a little closer, I’d like to pick your pocket!

I never imagined Burglar would win the poll for which class I roll in my ‘restart’ to LotRO. I was afraid Hunter or Warden would win and was hoping for Champion or Lore-Master. You guys are sneaky! Also, what’s up with that poll? I set it to run for seven days exactly but it looks like you can still vote. Weird! I don’t know how to make it stop taking votes but after seven days, Burgs had 12 votes, more than any other class so a Burglar I will roll.

I’d like to apologize for starting a poll that would end at such an incredibly busy time, Thanksgiving. That did not compute for me when I started it, that it would end during my three-day-cooking fest for my family. I’ll be rolling this Burglar next week most likely. I’d like to do so this week as I’m jonesing for some LotRO time (I miss The Shire! And the Lonelands! Running through fields of flowers! I even miss Angmar!) but I’m behind on a project deadline (self-imposed as well as self-to-blame-for-being-behind) and need to put as much attention to it as I can this week. I’ve only ever done this in betas but I think I’m going to go with a randomized appearance (I’m scared! Bring on the wrinkles!) and another randomized name. May need you guys to help me learn to pronounce it as I did with the other Burg I had. Hmm, how funny I’m letting the computer chose names for another Burglar.

Or maybe I’m just lazy.

My plan is to work this Burglar and no other class. I’ve played two Burgs before, one getting to lvl 35 before deleting her and the other to lvl 22. This one I intend to get as high as I can. I do not have Helm’s Deep yet so that means lvl 85, if I can stick with it long enough. I say *if* because I’m still so unsure about the class changes. /Sigh

I do not plan to pick a crafting profession and will skirmish my little heart out once I’ve unlocked them. I deleted my ENTIRE inventories on both accounts so I have nothing to help me level faster. I think this is a good thing since I’m wanting to hit the game completely fresh. I am dreading the choice when I’ve finished the Lonelands. Do I go to the North Downs (not a fan) and start Esteldin or can I go ahead and jump into Evendim quests? I don’t remember but think when going the Evendim route I usually hit Oatbarton after finishing up the Lonelands. I’d LOVE to run the Garth Argawen this go round as I haven’t done them in a few years.  I must get over my ‘easier to just solo’ line of thinking so I can enjoy more of the content like I used to.

Great Barrows anyone? Oh, wait, I need to roll the character first and get to level … 18? 20? Which is best for running GB?


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  1. Did you not enjoy your previous burgs? If I’d known you’d had two and deleted them I probably wouldn’t have voted for it.

    Personally I like the class a lot, but found I did find it a bit slow going until the 30s or 40s, so could see why people might get discouraged. Of course that was before the class changes, so who knows now?

    In the 50s burg is a lot of fun, and after Helm’s Deep it’s possible to move faster in stealth than other classes do out of it!

    Evendim is certainly smoother to go through than the North Downs, but you might want to do a few of the ND quests too. There are some good sneaking opportunities with Orc camps and such! Some are in the 20s from Trestlebridge.

    • My first burg was back before Moria. She was fun while I played her but easy to put down and forget about. Same with my 2nd burg. I stopped playing my 2nd burg only because she was my cook/farmer and her bags were SO full, vault completely full, had no room to do anything with her anymore.

      This go round I’m just going to play the one class as I figure without other choices I’ll stick to it more. I didn’t want to influence anyone’s choices in the poll so I didn’t say what I was hoping for or hoping against. 🙂

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