Plants Vs Zombies: It’s About Time!



I am a head-over-heels completely in-love rabid fan of Plants Vs Zombies. The original game. I’ve played it and beat it multiple times on my computer, phone, Kindle Fire, have it on Xbox 360 (tho, still haven’t beaten it there yet) … the game has HIGH replay value for me. I was super stoked to hear they were making a sequel to one of my favorite zombie killing games. That is, until the announcement came down the pipes about how they fired the guy who created Plants Vs Zombies for me. You did know that, right? He created it JUST for me. ‘Cause I’m all special like that.


Anyway, the marred excitement, after a while, started to rekindle. I needed this sequel to complete me. I longed for it. Then came the news about a cash shop. That was a serious “Whoa, WTH, did I hear that right?” kind of experience. A cash shop? In Plants Vs Zombies? Why? How badly would they ruin the game with ads popping up or would they limit how many peas your pea shooter can shoot without buying an unlock or …. I opened this blog and started to write my feelings on it many times but I thought about other F2P games I’ve played and enjoyed and wondered if they could pull this off in a decent unobtrusive way and STILL make moolah. So I waited. And waited, and waited and waited because I’m not an Apple person. I’m a Droider so I had to wait an unbelievably and (almost) unforgivably long time to get my hands on the actual game and see for myself what was in store. (haha, I R so funny)

Finally, the time came for Plants Vs Zombies: It’s About Time to be unleashed on the rest of the world. I downloaded it immediately on both my phone and my tablet. My tablet is old (was free so not complaining, just saying) and the coloring in the game doesn’t look that great compared to how vivid it looks on my phone. Matter of fact, the colors in game on the tablet look faded. So I’ve been playing it on my phone at night when I go to bed.


Screenshot above is from a play session last night. I was playing a ridiculously easy level of the Pyramid of Doom challenge. When I can I like to use my plant food on the nuts (doh) to make them tougher to eat through. And cuter! I’ve fought a Yeti challenge and won a lunch box prize of a diamond. I haven’t found a zombie hand challenge but saw the notice for it pop up on my map screen last night before I went to sleep. I’m not very far into the game yet but so far I’m not disliking the game or cash shop and actually appreciate the way they implemented it. The ads aren’t intrusive, not very frequent and don’t take away from the game play. I haven’t seen anything I feel I need but I haven’t looked it through completely yet either. I’m still a little undecided on Penny and I think I would have been just as fine if they’d left it with Crazy Dave but I can deal with the Penny is Karen (Sponge Bob) vibe. I have a feeling it’s going to take me a LONG time to see the boss in this version but I’m looking forward to it!

Makes me excited for bedtime. Now if I could just find my way to the bed earlier so I could play more than a couple of levels before falling asleep ….


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  1. I usually use the plant food on the cabbage-pult because it’s so awesome and fun. I failed my Yeti challenge last night. 😦 So far my only problems with the game are I sometimes accidentally hit the button to buy currency when I’m tapping on a dropping sun and the initial problems I had at installation the day it released on Droid when I clicked on the G+ icon to see what it would do and I could no longer use any ‘google services’ on the tablet until I uninstalled PvZ2. As for ads, I have yet to see any…weird. I also have perused the cash shop, too busy just playing the game but I’ll take a peek eventually, I’m sure.

    • Meant to use the food on a cabbage-pult to see what it looked like and hit a sunflower instead. The bonus suns were nice but ….

      The ads I see are when I first start a game session, there will be a screen offering something in the store. I just click the X and get to the game. Not very intrusive and in-your-face at all. I’ve seen the G+ button but haven’t clicked on it yet as I remembered you saying it borked your install. Playing through again for stars atm. Hoping every level won’t be ‘don’t trample the flowers’ or ‘don’t plant on the mold’ … it’s already getting a little old.

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