Pocket Trains: TOOT TOOT


Here’s a little history for you. I’ve almost always lived near train tracks. Almost … we moved a block away from the tracks the summer between my 3rd and 4th grade years and I lived there until I graduated high school. Since then I’ve never lived more than a couple of blocks away from them until moving to Iowa eight years ago. The silence, the absence of train horns and rumble of heavy box cars as they ferry freight from here to there, it’s been DEAFENING! It took me a very long time to get used to not hearing the trains. Sounds strange, no? As a kid I would lay awake until after the 1AM train came through and fantasize about where that train had been, who’d seen it, who’d been on it and what they’d seen. My childhood is chock full of stories I created to answer those questions! We once bought a train set to go around our Christmas tree but, at the time, our cat Koopa wouldn’t leave it alone and would recreate his version of a feline Godzilla, wracking havoc on the train until he’d made the very idea ‘not worth the hassle’.

To sum it up, I. Love. Trains!

I saw this post from Syp on Biobreak about Nimblebit’s latest offerings in mobile time management games, a game called Pocket Trains. I was sad at first because I knew I couldn’t install the game on my Droid without increasing the crashing, pixellated screens, horrible lag times, … My Droid was old and needed replacing if for no other reason than sometimes I couldn’t even make a call with it. When I realized I could put the game on my tablet I did so. Immediately! I’ve never played any of Nimblebit’s other games like Tiny Tower or Pocket Planes and wasn’t exactly sure what to do but knew I wanted to grow my very own railroad empire as fast as possible! It didn’t go so well for me. I crafted engines and fuel cars that I couldn’t connect to existing trains and because I already had five trains in place on my map I needed 50K coins to buy a license to start operations in a new country. Didn’t have the dosh and I felt stuck. Trains would break down and since I’d used the parts I’d collected from crates to craft new trains I would have to part with my hard earned coins to fix the broken trains. It was a mess.

Last Friday I got a Galaxy S4 and one of the first things I did with it was install Pocket Trains on it. I felt that I’d learned a bit from my first attempt at the game and wanted to give it a second chance.


This go round has been MUCH better! I have four trains working the starter map and have been better about what routes these trains run. Meaning, my routes make a bit more sense. I’m not crafting engines and fuel cars yet (currently have enough parts collected to craft four and have bits and bobs to four more trains) so I can use those parts to repair broken engines without spending my coins. I’m not yet expanding too big yet because I want to get a license to start running in a new country. I’ve also figured out that when you’re watching your train as it’s running between cities you can grab the coins, crates and bux above the train (before I thought they were just some sort of ‘gaming’ decoration). I must admit that gets boring pretty fast, especially when you’re wanting to see bux and all you get are coins.

I finished the Mapple event last night and, IIRC, got 30 bux and a special crate. I like that they have daily events as it not only gives me something to work towards but I sometimes have to plan my deliveries a bit rather than just picking up the freight that pays the best. I’ve gotten better about the backlog of freight in the yard (Berlin’s yard is NOT staying full this go round) and moving frieght around between different yards so it can get to a line that can deliver it. I’m really enjoying Pocket Trains on my phone! The graphics are crisp and cute and seeing the little people on the train takes me right back to my childhood fantasies about the trains I heard daily. It’s a cute game!

(because I want to show these but aren’t sure where to put them …)

I had a wallpaper on my Droid of Mario in a Koopa outfit. I don’t have that on my new phone and after complaining to my son about not remembering to save it before resetting my Droid back to factory defaults, he went in search of my beloved Mario background. He couldn’t find it but he did find these for me. Not exactly the same but I’m loving them!

homescreen lockscreen


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