Three games I’m really looking forward to in 2014

(I made this post on G+ and then decided it could be a blog post here as well so I copied it over and added links. If you’re seeing it twice, that’s why.)

Sherlock Holmes:Crimes and Punishments – Frogwares has ditched the old engine and developed this next installment in the Sherlock series on Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Updated graphics, new engine and a turn to put the player more in control of the game and how it plays out giving a total of 12 possible endings for the 8 cases promises a brand new adventure. I can’t wait! I love the Sherlock games and this one sounds awesome!

Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze – I fell in love with Donkey Kong when I was in middle school (I’m 42 now, that was a LONG time ago) when I had to jump the barrels he was throwing to help Mario save the Princess. I had DKCR but it was one of 11 console games stolen from us not long after I’d gotten it and I’ve never rebought it. (Maybe I should put it on my xmas list?) So I’m super excited about a new DK game and can’t wait to play my favorite ape again.

Sims 4 – When the original Living Large expansion (Sims 1) came out I had a friend who was ALL about Sims. I picked on her, asking what she got out of playing God with a bunch of pixels. A week later both The Sims and Living Large were in my mailbox as her response so I figured since she bought the games for me I’d give it a try.

My very first Sim family was modeled after my own. The dad immediately went to cook with the stove and, having no cooking skill points, caught the house on fire. The kids died in the fire, as did the dad and the mom (me) died in a puddle of her own pee out in the yard. It was awful! I decided I had to start over (Doh!) and thanks to a much better go with my second attempt, I’ve been hooked ever since.  Turns out I like “playing God with pixels”.

What games are you looking forward to in 2014?


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  1. My better half used to play Sims all the time. I gave it a go… I still don’t understand it.

    • Probably not for everyone. My kids play Halo and love it. I just don’t get it at all … and I love a good war game, just not FPS I guess?

      I started playing attempting to recreate stories in my head. Then I went through a phase where I built the graveyard I mentioned on Twitter (freaked my kids out as they were little then). Currently I’m doing challenge games like the Legacy Challenge. I love creating sims and seeing how much I can get done with this family or that sim ….

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