Civilization V: I took the City-States




Remember how I said in my last post that I wasn’t going to buy anymore games for myself (actually, said anymore games until Black Friday sales)? The very next day I saw Civilization V on sale on Steam.  I’ve been clamoring for this game for a LONG time and when I saw it on sale for $12.49 (the base game and a bunch of DLCs) I knew I had to have it. I mean, just THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY I SAVED!!! So I bought it and have been playing it the last few days. There are so many depths to this game it’s crazy and I’m trying to learn (RE:understand) how best to go about dominating my civ but it’s a lot to jump into! The first time I tried to take an enemy city I was using only ranged attackers and just couldn’t understand WHY I couldn’t take the city. Once I sent in a melee unit, BLAM. Sucker was mine. I don’t know why that hadn’t occurred to me, that I literally needed to walk into the city and take it, but … I hit that city repeatedly for I don’t know how long with how many cannons and whatnot. It’s too embarrassing to admit how long I pounded on it so I’ll leave that time up to your imagination. Think BIG.

The other world leaders (save for the one I was conquering) were happy with me and wanted to work with me. I was excited! My first civ to obliterate were the Polynesians. They never wanted to play nice or be my friend so I figured, why not. Plus, they waged war on me super early and darn near got me. So this was sweet revenge. Japan helped me take out the speedo wearing egotist (the Polynesian leader) but after I’d taken two of his three cities (Japan took the third), Japan didn’t want to be friends anymore. Matter of fact our relations went guarded pretty quickly so Japan had to go as well. That left only a handful of City-States on my continent. Spain, Egypt, the Swedes, they all LOVED ME! I felt like a KING!

Then I took the City-States.

Immediately I became evil, war-mongering, greedy, … I forget what all these other world leaders called me. Some publicly denounced me even.  All I could think was, what??? Are you not supposed to take the City-States around you on your own continent? What I want to do is take every civilization and city-state on the map, tho, I can’t imagine how long that would take. I’ll admit I’m still not sure on the actual purpose of the game and when I’ve looked it up for reference I’ve read about winning with science or policies.

That. Sounds. Boring.

I want to win with pure brute strength! I want to be the Warlord of the WORLD! My next game I plan to do just that. Take everything on the map. But yeah, I’m still not sure what constitutes a win. Know what would be awesome? Making a browser MMO-RTS game of Civ V. Ministry of War has something like this but they ruined their game with cash shop bots. And usually, of the servers I played, China always wins. In the game pictured above I was Montezuma, leader of the Aztecs (playing single player randomly generated leader/maps). I think before I start the game up again and start fresh I’ll take a few to read through the achievements and see if that’ll help me understand a bit more of what your goals should be in terms of winning a game. It may just confuse the issue more. All I know is that I LOVE this game and have no regrets buying it. At. All.


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  1. I remember the day I took out Genoa, that was a long, long battle and I ended up winning by dropping a nuke; and I was cackling like a psycho the whole time. Then again, I also think I’d been on for hours and it was late at night…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Haha, totally get the cackling. That is until I hear the screaming coming from the city I’m attacking. Then I feel bad, for a second, and figure if I can hurry up and kill them the screaming will stop. Heh.

  3. Late response, sorry ^^ You can also win by Science or Diplomacy – how to win, you can adjust in the advanced Setup Settings before you start a new Match. There are many Things you can do to give every Game a unique Atmosphere.

    For example I like to have a rough Start – a hot Planet with lots of Desert that is just 3 Mil Years old so you also got lots of Mountains where Settling is harder and you can make Barbarians rage across that World all the Time to see IF there will be any Civilization at all on the World or if all will be wiped out by Barbarian Agressors 🙂

    I also reduce the Amount of Resources in those Matches to make them even harder 🙂

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