DLC Quest: Editorially funny



I picked up DLC Quest on Steam a few weeks ago for 75 cents (it’s no longer on sale … costs $2.99 now) and it’s the BEST three quarters I’ve ever spent in my LIFE. This funny little retro game is rather simplistic and, at first glance, doesn’t look like it gives much of anything in terms of game play and value. You start off with the most basic of ability … you can move in only one direction. You have to “buy” everything you need to play this game from more movement directions to jumps to the Pause feature to …. even the music. You buy these (D)own (L)oadable (C)ontent perks with coins earned in game. Get it? DLC? Nothing is given to you … you have to buy everything in order to advance. (Get that? hahahaha)

Going Loud Studios had a great idea when making this game. The write-up on the Steam store page says:

What happens when DLC practices go too far? An indie developer makes a game that mocks the industry and its foibles, that’s what! Defeat the bad guy, save the world and get the girl! But first you’ll need to find coins to buy DLC to enable animation, sound and even pausing.

And that’s exactly what they did only they made it so FULL of funny I found myself laughing out loud more than once while playing through the game. Full of pitfalls, a little slight-of-hand and a lot of well worded zingers DLC Quest exceeds in making fun of the gaming industry, wrapping their editorial bits and bobs in the guise of a fun little retro platformer. One of the selling points for me, because I must stroke my ego, was that I could earn achievements on Steam for playing the game. Here’s a few of them.



I do so love the bragging points! I didn’t attempt the speed runs so I’m missing two pixellated medals but I’m ok with that. I fear the speed runs would test my sanity rather than my mettle. The only problem I had playing this game was learning to jump up a cliff or edge. Once I had that down I sailed through those climbing jumps but, whoo_boy, before then I may have had one of my sons do a jump or two for me. (<—- keeping it real here, folks) There are two campaigns you can play, each one poking as much fun at itself as it does the industry. I believe this was the game that set me off down the path of Indie games (been on an Indie game kick here lately) and oh my goodness, I’ve had such fun playing these little titles! Since DLC Quest which, by the way, was voted through the Greenlight process on Steam (huzzah, voters!) I’ve picked up a few more such as Dead Pixels, Bleed, (insert the name of one I’ve forgotten here) and, the latest, The Binding of Isaac. It may sound a little funny to call these “retro feeling” games fresh but that’s exactly how they feel. Like, a fresh breeze on a stale playground. They’re ticking that nostalgic itch I’ve been feeling of late and I’m getting my sons hooked by making them play a little when they’re over.

The price points are right up my ally, too!

When this year started I was very excited on the MMO front. SUPER excited. I’m down right soured on it now and have written several posts about my feelings … and then deleted them. Some because I can’t talk about this or that, others because I can’t make my points without it sounding like sour-grapes. Or, sounding like I’m wanting something for nothing when that’s not at all what I’m trying to say. It’s confusing! All I know is that I’m on the cusp of some big changes in my (gaming) life and although I’m not entirely sure what’s ahead for me, I’m having the best fun I’ve had in a very long time playing these little Indie games. Some may indeed be very retro but they’re so darn refreshing … they’re breathing new life into my gaming wants. And needs.



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  1. Reminds me a little bit of evoland (http://evoland.shirogames.com/) but evoland isn’t as humorous.

  2. This sounds like a really awesome game and I enjoy the fact they are mocking the industry in relation to DLC. It sounds like a little gem I’ll definitely need to pick up. We are also making our own indie game 🙂

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