Dead Pixels: Surprisingly addictive!

I forget whether I picked this game up via Steam directly or on an Amazon sale (with a Steam key), just that I only paid a couple bucks for it. Currently, it’s on sale on Steam for $1. Just a dollar! Totally worth it in my not so humble opinion.

Here’s a link to the Steam store page for Dead Pixels. Steam is required to play and if you want a Steam friend you can add me. I’m n0name28 or ranni_m on Steam.

(If n0name28 is confusing it’s an internet handle that I’ve used … 15 years now? I just don’t use it as much anymore but apparently thought I should when signing up for Steam.)

Anyway, back to Dead Pixels.



This is a pretty straight forward “8-bit” side-scroller that is described as “a procedurally generated city” where your main objective is to run to safety. Or, as the game refers to it, “Salvation”. You have obstacles in your way in the form of zombies and you have to get past the zombie to get to Salvation. Simple enough, right? Ha. Hahahahaha. You’ll see this a lot but just so you know, *this* doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.



It’s frustrating at times when you die but, for me, it hit like a challenge. Or added to the challenge, making me want Salvation all the more. I’ll be honest and say that my very first attempt at the game had me wondering why on earth I’d bought it. I never thought I’d make it through Easy mode! I even went as far as to look for a walk-through thinking I was missing something. Some of the videos I watched on Youtube of people playing this game were hilarious, especially the one series where the guy appeared to be playing the VERY SAME WAY I HAD. Think his last video was titled ‘I need to find a walk-through’. I feel ya, man. And I laugh at ya, too. You my homey.

Easy mode has 10 streets to run down before you’ve reached Salvation. If you’re a Twitter bud then you may have seen me tweeting my progress by saying ‘6 streets to Salvation’ or the like. It’s exciting to see the screen at the end of a street telling you how many zombies you’ve killed and how many streets you have left. Normal mode has 20 streets and Hard has 30. Here’s a screenshot taken when I *finally* beat Easy mode.



You learn as you go, learning tips and tricks as well as what you want to accomplish. Sounds weird but maybe you don’t want to kill every zombie on one street but on another you may kill extra zombies for money (have to buy ammo and items like med kits with ingame coins). The more you play the more you’ll get a feel for it. I killed 157 zombies on my Easy mode run through. I killed  a TON more when I played a Normal mode game.



When I finished Easy I had some of my upgrades but not all and I certainly didn’t have them all maxed. When I finished my Normal run through I had every upgrade maxed completely! The upgrades are for things like run speed boosts, doing more damage, luck, … After meeting the zombie that runs SUPER FAST I started buying the run speed boost upgrade before the one that gives you more morale. I highly suggest visiting every trader you see and Saving your game every single time you’re there.

The developer had a pretty good sense of humor when creating some of the backgrounds in this game. The sound track ROCKS. Just, ROCKS. So far I’ve only played the “Dead Pixels” games in Easy and Normal mode but there is also a Hard mode (30 streets to Salvation) and a couple of campaigns (know nothing about them yet) to play as well. While it’s a very simple game it’s challenging and has a lot more to it than meets the eye. I haven’t encountered all the different types of zombies yet (there are achievements for this game on Steam that I’ve not earned yet that have to do with specific zombie types) even though I’ve earned 10 of the 30 achievements. I’ve looked through the achievement list and apparently have more types of weapons to use as well.

Dead Pixels also has a co-op mode so I bought the game for my son tonight thanks to the sale and, hopefully, he’ll come over so we can see what co-op is all about. I think the game is a couple of years old but it has a great retro feel. Have to agree with Wreck it Ralph when he said ‘retro means cool’. It’s very cool. It’s also surprisingly addictive. I’ve started a Hard mode game but I did a dumb thing, boxed myself into a horde of zombies, and died super early. Took that as a sign that I need a zombie-killing break.

Tomorrow, Salvation awaits!


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