LotRO Players: Kayleigh Starshine

My domain is set to expire in September and I’m not going to renew it. I do, however, plan to continue the blog. Since I’m not going to renew my domain the URL will change to flamingbard.wordpress.com  instead of flamingbard.com. I plan on switching over to the WordPress address September 1st and will tweet the link a couple of times as well as post on my Google+ profile as well.


I’ve been keeping up with LotRO Players via Feedly for a while now and have enjoyed the variety of news, daily screenshots, adventures, Pineleafs various skirmish and monster posts, … there’s always something interesting, informative, helpful or just plain fun to read on the site! Even poetry! What blew my mind, however, are the illustrated stories Kayleigh Starshine has been posting. When I first noticed them my very first reaction was, “Wow, that’s a long read!” and I just didn’t have time to sit and read her stories. (I generally read RSS/Feedly in the mornings between taking care of Grandbaby and my morning chores.) The other day I finally sat down and read one called Discretion. People, I’m hooked!

I don’t even know where to start. Her stories are compelling, feel very true to Middle Earth, so easy to identify with (having played the game and learned so much of Middle Earth for years now) and beautifully illustrated with screenshots from the game. She brings her characters to life so wonderfully I could picture her horse, Dandi, trying to dunk her in the river as I read the story. LotRO is her canvas and she’s done an awesome job weaving different parts of the game into her stories … the landscape, NPCs, even some of the game systems/mechanics and made it feel very organic and true. I could picture exactly where she was in game in my head as I read. Not that I needed to do that, mind you, as her screenshot illustrations do that beautifully.

I’m going to make sure I take the time to start this story (I believe each posts are chapters in a bigger story?) from the beginning and look forward to reading more from her!

Here’s a link to her posts if you’re interested (and you SHOULD be, trust me!).




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