Sims 3: Follically Challenged, what a legacy!

My founder sim, Ranni Moonbeam (2.0), has had two sets of twins, a boy and girl to each. Eli and Ethel were the last two babies born and have now reached school-age. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this age-up moment for a couple of nights for several reasons. I’m tired of hiring babysitters so Ranni and Conner can go to work. The babysitter wants to relax and read in the other kids’ beds instead of taking care of the babies and even went so far as to break Conner’s laptop one day when she was playing a game instead of feeding the twins! Then there’s the potty chair. Apparently it stinks. Nuff said. The biggest reason was my want, no, NEED to preform a surgically precise “Save As” to save my poor little sim child from a life of ridicule.

Bald as a baby's butt!

Bald as a baby’s butt!

See, when Ethel aged-up from a baby to a toddler she had a head full of brown wavy nearly shoulder length hair. I say had as it only lasted a play session (short one, too, as I was tired) and upon starting another session the following day I found her sitting in the floor by Ranni’s feet, bald. Bald as a baby’s butt. Shocked, I exited the game and found her the exact same way when I relogged. I can’t explain it but, to her credit, she never let her shiny-smooth head bother her a bit as she learned to walk, talk, skill-up on the peg box and xylophone, …. Her family was great about it, too. She comes from a line of sims that boast head FULLS of hair! Still, they swooped in and picked her up, carrying her around the house every day as soon as they came home from work and school and not only never teased her, I not once saw them sigh in disgust like I did. They just loved her, bald little head and all.

I was hoping that if this was a glitch I could create a save point RIGHT after she aged-up again and, hopefully, before her hair went missing. I figured with enough restarting (if necessary) her follicles would eventually get the hint and sprout hair. Say, did you know sims have pointy ears?



Not only is she follically challenged, she has no sense of how to put together a nice and presentable outfit. Oh, and her ears are on the pointy side. Yay, Ethel.

My Legacy sims are on this massive lot in a very rich and respectable neighborhood (both neighbors have NIIIIICE houses) and here’s this bald little girl with pointy ears dressed in clashing colors running around playing fetch with a very noisy (adoption agency neglected to tell Ranni he was a barker) dog that barks at every inanimate object he comes across. How is this supposed to ensure the Moonbeam name will be respected around town??

Then there’s Eddie. He went to a friend’s house after school to work on homework and hang out. He had to come home early, however, as he became infected with fleas. FLEAS!


They are never going to live this down. The only good thing that can possible come of the bald-headed-pointy-eared sister to a flea-bag is that, hopefully, no one will remember Ranni JUMPING INTO A DUMPSTER AND LOOTING FOR TRASH in front of a sim she’d JUST met downtown. Talk about wonderful first impressions!

Yep, that's my girl. #proudmamaNOT

Yep, that’s my girl.



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