Tropico 3: Absolute blast!

My husband surprised me with the very first Tropico game as an anniversary gift many moons ago. Ok, I just looked up the year the original game released and I’m shocked to say I’ve been a fan and have played this game off and on for the last 12 years. Wow. That’s a long time! Last year I picked up Tropico 3:Absolute Power on a Steam sale and it’s been sitting in my games library ever since. I may have started it up once but I don’t remember doing much with it. I hit a most serious burn-out on MMO’s a week or two back (meaning, I body slammed into a giant wall of UGH) and have been playing other non-MMO type games since, Tropico 3 being one of them.

Guys, I really love this game!

Screenie from a session I played earlier in the week. FERRIS WHEEL!

Screenie from a session I played earlier in the week. FERRIS WHEEL!

Sometimes the game play is tense! I remember the very first time I ever failed and had my island taken over by the U(nited) S(tates). I was floored! My mouth dropped open in horror, I worried for “my people” wondering who would build another bunk house for the farmers and would the mine ever come to fruition if I wasn’t there to prod the construction workers along. I guess I was a little too wrapped up in building and managing my island and it took me a minute to unplug, if you will, from that mind-set. Fast forward to today when I lost one of the campaigns I was running and was again taken over by the US, my reaction was more than a trifle different. I believe it was little more than a “pfft” noise before I was starting the campaign again. El Presidente has grown.

Oh, and btw, I really don’t like seeing the warships circle my island. Talk about PRESSURE!

I don’t remember loosing any buildings or getting injured via hurricanes and earthquakes in the previous Tropico titles (if it was possible to turn that feature off, I probably did) but you sure can in this game. Also lost a farm to the rebels (they demolished it) and a cannery to a bomb. All sorts of political pitfalls and antics to throw speed bumps in your way. I decided to play through a few of the campaigns instead of running a 50 year island as these are quick 20 year sessions with specific objectives you have to achieve in order to ‘win’. If you meet your main objective before the 20 year span is up then you can elect to continue playing or start a new one. Easy enough, right?

The first campaign I played was called “Bananas”. I had 20 years to get 8000 exports done. Finished that one well before the 20 years was up. “Pilgrim Haven”, one where you must have 150 tourists visit your island in 20 years was another super fast session. The one titled “Second Chance” didn’t go so hot for me. The US took the island over and ran me off without EVEN telling me why. (seriously clueless on what I did wrong, haha) It took a second play through to beat it. Irony! My second chance at “Second Chance” was another fast game and I was off to try “Industrial Titans”.

I think having had a take over during the previous campaign is what made me a little nervous about this one. My objective was to simply stay in power for 20 years. It didn’t take long at all for the US to send warships to circle my island like the greedy preying vultures they are ( if Betty Boom, the other DJ, can call me a two-headed llama, I can say what I want about the US and USSRs warships!) and I just knew I was going to be overthrown. I wasn’t, however, but hoo_wee was it tense goings for a bit. By the time I finished that game the only ‘happiness’ score under 50 was the liberty one and it was up from 12 to 49. Most scores were around 80 so I’m rather proud of myself!

I’ve learned that if I play as a female El Presidente, I’m less likely to have the rebels try and assassinate me. They tend to just fight the army instead but there’s a llama that will, in fact, assassinate my hat. (???) (I don’t know why) I also learned that I adore being able to pause the game I’m playing! Now to just get a pause and demolish button for real life and I’ll be set.

Mountain of laundry? No problem. DEMOLISH!

Tomorrow I’m going to try some of the new campaigns I opened up by being so awesome with the ones I ran today. I may be a few years behind but I’m loving the crap out of Tropico 3:AP right now and it’s making me REALLY want Tropico 4. Arg.


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  1. Occasionally, symbols will appear above buildings and people in the game. These symbols alert you to the status of the building or person in question.

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